The Shop Family! 3 Shops, 1 crazy family!

bump bump bump bump bump
Hello humans and non humans

Sweet dreams are made of shooting Stars…who in their minds will disagree…wishing and hoping for certain things…everybody wanting to be me…

Sweet dreams are made of this, not sure what this is but that what Annie Lenox said. Regardless, here’s an afternoon bump.

my version of the song…lol…it’s all about the STAR

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Highly recommend seeking out this family if you’re looking for skilled and knowledgeable players, mixed with sarcasm and quick wit… but topped with never ending support.

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supporting friends is what it’s all about…We are family,just in a different group


This is the best family in the game, come and join for more fun chat and some very ‘interesting’ memes.

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Thursday morning bump, no. 8

come get some in the shops family. come get some NOW!!!

We are the Shop Family…got your crazies,weirdos, and your psychos too…we are family…sarcastic memes is what we do

Sorry I’ve been away, the clown car went astray… come and see what the shops have in store for you… maybe war, maybe family, maybe some chocolate, or maybe a star.

War Day!

Good luck to the shops :slight_smile:

If it’s the Shop family the answer is all of the above…lol

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Good luck for the Crew family as well

Hope the shops had eventful wars with proper outcomes.

There was some losses and casualties…however we know a spell or two that will bring them back and ready to go for the next war…sure some maybe missing limbs and have a smell issue from being rotten corpses but we love the Shop members anyway

So starting to fill up in the Shops some are full some are not…come join us now and get your spot…bump

while there is the old saying
‘There’s room for jello’
There is also room for the crazy sarcastic and delusional in the Shop Family

Who let the dogs out…woof woof woof
Who let the STAR out…wink wink…no worries the STAR is still locked up in the Shop family

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