The Shop Family! 3 Shops, 1 crazy family!

If you’re looking for a solid group to learn and grow from, this is a great stop… it’ll be your last stop, your one stop. :wink:

Check em out. You won’t be disappointed.

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can’t say enough good things about the shops

btw OSTS, congrats on your recent war win! it was fun to watch Crew vs Shop!


Absolutely awesome, I love this. Came by for a bump!

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Congratulations on your win against Raiders, but don’t get too comfortable, we’ll get you the next time! These guys are a class act none the less.

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Sorry I missed the war room…I blame rigs…come see the shops for a good time…after dark looks delicious…

Friendly bump from the Crew :wink:

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person or bear…lol…all depends are her mood and if alcohol is involved

Lions…Tigers…and bears …oh my!
we even have some Wizards ,but what they do behind the curtain is up to you to find out

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Isn’t alcohol always involved… especially with capt Jack hanging around. Lol

Good luck on wars!! Knock em dead.

We try to keep that low key…:thinking:…actually we don’t…that’s what makes it fun

wishing you luck in your Wars as well

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time to bump up my bump up

another bump…adding to the bruises…it takes someone special to trip going up the stairs… I am one of those special people

How’d the shops fair in war? Just returning a friendly bump.

the Paradox was a defeat but they were tough opponents

It’s that time again…for a bump up

Trying this again…
We are family…got my brothers…sisters…and me…the STAR and all her personalities…sing with me

Hoping all the Shop family wins their War…and gets the treasures they need

so here’s the thing…we are a bunch of lunatics that escaped the asylum…not the scary ones…oh no…we are the fun ones…you know the foul mouth…let’s mix up the medication and put them in a bowl to see what happens. Sure crazy describes lots of things but we have a great time.
I’m the one that enjoys putting velcro on the padded walls and that special jacket and a trampoline and good times by all…this is whyeveryone in the Shop family worships and adores me…not by choice but because the growing 105 personalities won’t allow anything else.
Side note: we enjoy the sarcastic humor…why you might ask…well simply we are adults and RL sucks and it allows us to vent

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