The Shop Family! 3 Shops, 1 crazy family!

boom shaka laka bump bump bump :sunglasses::sunglasses::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::astonished::astonished::innocent::innocent::smiling_imp:

Bumpity bump bump :crazy_face::laughing::grin::smirk::rofl:

Where the Shop family comes together at the asylum and run a muck

I put a spell on you and now you are mine…I put a spell on you and now you’ll join The Shops…Hocus Pocus :paintbrush:…dang I lost my wand

So what happens when you get a group of people from around the world who smack talk each other and Titans…Behold the Shop family 4 Shops and sarcastic attitudes

Fly by bumping outta my wayyyyyy :laughing:

what is your preference for flying…
broom…they can get uncomfortable for long flights
flying pigs… only good for short flights…very short
dragons…good for long flights…recommend a thick blanket…can be temporomental if not fed hourly

Dont be a blob…Join The Shop family

4 Shops
Players from around the world
Parties and other Shanagins and all having a Great Time
There is a Shop for everyone if you look

We want you to be a Shopper
Sarcastic and the demented are welcomed
Thick-Skinned is a requirement and a must
Do you have what it takes…well do you

The sarcasm of the shops ( least star) is truly unknown, but they’re a fun group to have around. Thick-skinned is that like extra thick BACON???

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Been told having extra personalities means extra sarcasm or was it more time in the padded room…either way win win in my book…
Thick-Skinned…Thick bacon…they are one in the same…
Do you know you can make an outfit out of bacon…seems handy to me… get hungry and take a strip or 2…maybe 5 if needed…only problem could end up in your Birthday suit in some unusual places…oh and don’t go to a water park with a bacon suit…poor bacon…such a waste they you were unable to be eaten

Mmmm bacon…
20 strips

Yes always keep bacon on hand… the grease can also be used for wrestling pits… held on the weekends and used trying to get through tight spaces when trying to get on a Fellow family members base to steal their loot…not that I would ever do that…:thinking::wink:

I’m not so far that I need greased for fitting in places, but thanks for thinking of me…


You can be greased up for other activities…just a thought…

The Shop family…
4 places to go
1 crazy demented family

The Shops are open 24/7! Come check us out!

Boomshakala and a bump just for u crazy peeps

At the Shops we are more than Family…That’s right we are the twisted, crazy, sarcastic, and demented family that anyone who has the guts can join…Thick-Skinned is not only a requirement but is needed for survival

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