The Shop Family! 3 Shops, 1 crazy family!

miss you too Cheetah girl…

The Paradox still has 1 spot open…to whoever is crazy, demented,delusional, even a chocolate lover or all of the above…if a chocolate lover must have your own…I rarely share my stock pile…lol

It’s official! The Shops are all full! But you can still get on our waiting list. Message Mama Bear or Jade in the Line app (ID’s are in ad) to get on the Shops Family waiting list!

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Sweet, @Sillystarvis gonna have to share chocolate now

The Shop family can share my chocolate only if they can get the combination to my safe and pass all the booby traps…lol

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Good news…The Paradox Shop will have 4 spots open…a husband and wife duo are leaving taking their extra accounts with them…They wanted a smaller Alliance with only a few players…Join now before we fill back up again
I might even be willing to share my chocolate…that was hard… lol

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Room for 4…get in while you have a chance

The Paradox Shop - 4 open spots
We have what you are looking for

  1. A delusional Star and chocolate lover
  2. crazy and sarcastic players
    We are the large family Reunions where anything can happen
  3. competitive…yeah we like to battle Titans and get aggressive in War but have the option to opt out
  4. Helpful Advice to take or leave from 3 Shops
  5. A great and wonderful leader…refer to #1…lol

Come and Join the Shop Family today. We put the FUN in dysFUNctional. Never a dull moment around here!

DysFUNctional is a badge of honor in the Shop family…lol


4 spots available in The Paradox Shop

  • Sarcastic
  • Delusional
  • Thick-Skinned
  • Crazy
    Lovable group that I have had an honor to get to know that make the game enjoyable while escaping the RL of 2020

Congrats on the win!!

fistBUMP :hugs:

Thanks…it’s always nice to have a great win

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So a story…
There once a delusional STAR who downloaded a game to see what it was about as she was bored one day. Joined an Alliance but soon she did learn that they never wanted to grow and wanted to stay small in their own E&P world.
So STAR leaped into the game chat and started her search to find a new home with not much experience but hopes were high…she was then introduced to one named mama who took a chance on a STAR…
The Shop family is where the Star is now … a family , a home where one can grow…accepted with STAR delusions and all… :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Another win for the Paradox family… whoot whoot
Still have some openings if you want to join

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Come on players looking for a new home…whatcha waiting for a Golden ticket…Come one come all and try out the Shop Family…Where the crazy, sarcastic, delusional,and thick skinned are welcomed… As an adult group…we understand that colorful words need to be used

One Stop Titan Shop- looking for 2
13/14* Titans
The Paradox Shop - looking for 4
11/ 12* Titans
Shop after Dark - looking for 6
9/10* Titans

What does a bear, butterfly, and a delusional STAR have in common?.. The Shop Family

4600 TP 13/14* Titans
Leader is a mama bear…fiercely protective but knows how to have fun. Her hobbies include Pole Dancing…I’m sure you have seen the videos…Drinking…2020 enough said…and showing new family members her “fun room”

3000 TP 9/10* Titans
Leader is Jade the butterfly…A devilish redhead who brands a whip and can tame men. Her hobbies include Cosplay…designing and making her own costumes…Making jello shots…yummy…and training guys in her workshop to be her personal slaves…leashes and leather are the work clothes

4000 TP 11/12* Titans
Leader is Sillystar or STAR…loves to be worshipped almost as much as she loves chocolate. Her hobbies are bouncing on a trampoline in a straight jacket in a padded room with velcro…don’t knock till you tried it…Trying to keep her multi-personalaties locked in a basement…easier said then done…and Bringing joy and happiness to all that are around her.


  • Line Required * Adults Only
  • English Speaking * War opt in - all flags

In the Shop family we are like the game of Clue, Monoply ,and Sorry rolled into one…want to know why you got to join

Contact: Mama…bear ( 2 dots) or
jadebutterfly75 for more info

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I have no power to make you Tuck up here, I just wanted you to know I caught you saying the ‘s’ word.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since I referenced a game it doesn’t count so there.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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