The shifter

My hero would be a shifter legendary called Chameleon. His element is nature. The hero in his first attack is fast, transforming into the opponent that was hit. The speed to refute the original form is the same as the hero he transformed, as well as the power of his attack.

Guardian Chameleon will be a future hero as announced here

Guardian Chameleon Beta Info & Stats

Rarity: Legendary/5*

Attack: 714
Defense: 780
HP: 1339

Class: Wizard
Family: Guardians
Element: Nature/Green

Mana Speed: Average

Special Skill: Elemental Magic

  • Removes all dispellable and undispellable status effects from all enemies. [This moved from the end of the Special Skill to the beginning.]
  • Changes the element of all enemies to the element they are strong against for 3 turns.
  • All allies get +54% attack for 4 turns.
  • All allies get +36% critical chance for 4 turns.

He will be also an transformer.


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