The Screaming Calling! [25/30], 8* titans, all war flags used and looking for other war lovers out there!

Hey there :two_hearts:

The Screaming Calling is the sister alliance of The Calling. We have a fun, friendly and experienced leadership and am looking to fill our team with valuable team players.

We are understanding of real life commitments, so if you ever need time off or have to opt out of war/be inactive for a couple days, let us know and it’s no problem at all.

We have a range of players from beginners to lvl 60+. We aren’t trying for top 100, we just want to have fun as a group. We value team players more than big hitters. Just trying to grow together as a family :slight_smile:

We have a joint line chat with our sister alliance. If you have any questions feel free to message me, Line ID: Okamotoenp

Check us out and looking forward to playing with you!

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