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Ok so i am half way through the advanced part of the Sand Empire event and i have to say i am just a little PO’d :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: you get to the boss and of course you throw everything at them and the bar barely moves ! The boss hits you and one shot dead :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The really stupidly annoying thing is your health potions do absolutley JS and wasted a few before i noticed that they did nothing l​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Like WTF empires!

Hi @Ragnar65, sorry you’re feeling so frustrated.
Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I actually enjoyed the Sand Empire event so much, that I played through all three levels and finished yesterday.

Since this was my first Sand Empire event, I gleaned information through the discussion threads found in the link below:

It’s a great “one-stop source“ to gain insights through the discussion threads and player posts and (Hopefully) you’ll find it useful and informative.

The chart below (All-in-one guide by @cap) was awesome because I built attack teams to specifically counter the enemy colors and Bosses for each level in the chart, and had no problem with the advanced level.

So, based on the chart, I used heroes that were the strongest against the enemies/bosses colors, made sure my roster was equal to or better than the enemies/bosses TP for each level, and brought minor healing, antidotes, arrows, and turtle banners (green flags). I prefer fast attack mono teams, but every player has different playing styles and rosters in general so it’s all up to you.

Good Luck and I hope your Sand event experience becomes more positive :slightly_smiling_face:

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There’s a known issue with mana pots not working. If heal pots aren’t working for you you may want to add it to this thread:

Personally I’m glad to now focus on Atlantis for a few days. Hopefully by the time AR is over the bug(s) will get fixed :woman_shrugging: There’s still lots of time between AR and Avalon to finish Sand Empire

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Please note that ALL of the Sand Empire bosses have some level of healing debuff. Whoever they hit with their specials receives a 50% to 100% reduction in the effectiveness of any healing (specials, potions, anything). Put another way, healing is somewhere between half as effective to completely ineffective for the duration of the effect. The effect is also not removable; you have to wait it out. So pay attention to that before trying to heal. The really nasty thing is that they also hit you with DoT during that time, so you are losing health steadily, but can’t gain it back, so I agree with @Kerrang that antidotes are a good choice for one of your item slots. (Unlike the healing debuff, the DoT can be cleansed by a healer like Rigard or by antidotes.)

Who is on your team and on your bench? It is possible that you just don’t have the guns to take down this event. No shame in that; we’ve all been there. But some of us could try to offer some advice if we know what you’ve got. I haven’t really had to strategize yet, because I’m not on the hard levels yet, but I’ve been using a 4300+ TP rainbow team and have yet to see a boss fire. Not everyone can do that, though.

I’m also enjoying Sand Empire. The lamps and hourglasses (new for this year) are pretty cool, and some more experienced players are reporting that they make the event much easier due to the delay they inflict on enemies. Make sure to use those strategically. A boss who never fires can’t hurt you too bad!

This is going to be my approach, too. No issues through easy and all but one level of normal, but I don’t want to start glitching when the going gets tough. Norns is kinda irked that I’m not going after those last few yellow trainers until next week, though!


Thanks @Tess_01 :slightly_smiling_face: Good catch and info :sparkles:
I (for whatever reason) didn’t experience these issues, but I also didn’t use the mana tubes I brought. The lamps and hourglasses came in handy :slightly_smiling_face:

Great insights @Noble_Weasel :grinning:

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I VERY MUCH enjoyed the revised Sand Empire. Like you, so much so I finished it all. I was able to utilize the Lamps and Hourglasses so effectively in the final stage of Advanced that Yunan fired only once near the end of the battle. I think this one is a homerun for SG.

Very sorry to hear that it has been frustrating for some. These events get easier the longer you play. Keep at it!

For reference I am a level 67 player. I will gladly give any advice that I can to help my fellow players.

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Pre-existing discussion thread for Sand Empire 2020. Linked above.

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