The Saints - New Alliance Looking for Players

Hi Guys,

We are a couple of South Africans that started the Alliance, The Saints.

We aim to take down decently strong Titans to get proper loot to speed up the Ascension Process.

Even though we are currently we are all South African players at the moment, the Alliance is open to All Players.

All we ask is the following:

Speak English
Be Active
Use All Your Flags on any given Titan. Do not save it for the next. You never know your luck.
Participate in Wars and make sure you understand our strategy. It will be posted in Alliance Chat before any War starts.

Other than that, just don’t be an %^&^%.

We are currently open with a minimum Trophy Count of 200 required. Once we have a good few people, the Alliance will change to Invite Only and the required Trophies will be increased to 1000 and will gradually be increased afterwards once we grow stronger.

Hope to see some new players soon.

PS: Elder will be awarded based on contribution towards the Alliance. Co-Leader will be awarded based purely on the decision of the guys that started the Alliance. Please don’t ask for Elder, Co-Leader. Rather earn it.

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