The sadness thread : sad loot and bad luck – Share Your Worst & Unluckiest Loot & Rewards

I get nothing from chests. I skip every timer thats possible and loots are ridiculous. My loots are a little food, a little less iron and 3 diamonds and a clean cloth or something. Also titans don’t drop anything good and I’m everytime A or A+. I’m running out of every single 4* mats. Mystic vision seems to be the best chance to get anything good. I’m getting really tired of this game.

And it doesn’t much better on some other days.

I forgot how getting 4* items look like, now I’m on a right path to forget same about 3* items …

Reduced loot on a rare titan. :sob::sob:
I was in my friend’s alliance before the titan spawned. It was killed too quick.

Soon instead of loot they will just thank us to mission completed. How stingy this game became.
Zynga just ■■■■■ this beautiful game. Mentality became same as casino.
Shame shame. I stop any donate.

I always upload the best titan rewards I get, so I wanted to share this “amazing” loot. Don’t you think that something is missing? I didn’t even got a 3* ascension mat. I thought that the XIII reward level gave something good, but it didn’t happen in this case. :man_facepalming:t4:

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I am curious if anyone has seen worse raid tourney loot at top 1%. I think I won the award for worst possible roll.

Monster chest, today. Anyone seen worse? :wink:

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