The sadness thread : sad loot and bad luck – Share Your Worst & Unluckiest Loot & Rewards

hi all

i’m sad this morning, our 11* kraken, and my tiitan chest only give me 10 gems, 1 grey token and one boot pair.

no AM, no speed ticket, and 5 emblems. my tears are real :joy:

i’m sad, i want to share this with you, share your heart pain here too.

have a nice day :wink:


Same here, since about 2 weeks - no matter what I do, say war chests, Titans, elemental chests - its only crap inside. Something either changed or I really do have back luck! :slight_smile:

bad luck too, we are not alone, sometimes, share his sadness is great :slight_smile:

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Had luck with war win. Got hidden blade but crapy stones on green titan. 15 red gems in total and two of them fell after last turn cry :sob:

We are an alliance of 19 dedicated players, we busted our cahoonas off taking out a 10* Harpy Rare Titan. Dumped heaps of battle items on it, collectively used lots of Titan flasks to see it drop.

What did we get for it?..CRAP!!
no one,… NO ONE gets a Royal Tabard.

what kind of game slaps you in the face like that.


Best item from latest war victory was 2 gems. The sad is real.


Last rare for Us, The 11* idiot chicken dragon. on 30 members, just one Baulm. so…not zero, but near :stuck_out_tongue:

many of us just droped some minor items, like boots.

Titans aren’t rare. Great Loot yes !!! :tada:

but happy, with grey token, we can feed other heroes, so the game goes on haha

I’m just going to put this here. I have no comment on this. I’ve opened all three basic chests at the same time.

100 monsters

40 enemies, diamond!! league

5 titans

I think I’ll just make this thread my home


Lost 3 revenges against the same opponent in a row and always got cascades of colors I stacked before. Sometimes it’s just a mess, but fun anyway.


So I have another submission into this pity party. A war victory loot and a 100 monster mission.

War - Victory tier

And 100 monster mission

you get an oil !! awesome, not enough sad !!! :sweat_smile:

Have had emblemed fighters (tanks and flanks) show a 100% chance to revive this past week, most of the time several times in a row. I think they put that “12%” on the card solely to mock raiders and war:ers. Mother North and Alby revives all dead heroes 100% of the time too. It’s ridiculous really. 100% so!

At the same time, my own emblemed BT can’t be bothered to revive even once when he’s allowed out to play. Card claims 12%; I’m quite sure it’s there to mock me. I claim 1% (and that 1 is there out of courtesy)!


True, I got oil and loot tickets on top! :smiley: My teammates say that I’m spoiled and this is the standard :smiley: :sob:

I am on a 15+ day streak of bad luck. Total of 2 unfarmable materials.

In that span I have opened at least 1 elemental chest and a war chest.

I look for the day my luck turns the other way!

This could be the saddest loot ever lol:

I used a gem to get the monster chest faster so… basically I didn’t get anything :sweat_smile:


wonderful chest, wonderful…:partying_face:

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Oh, that’s just… I think you’re winning this thread :smiley:

epic token, not sad !!! :upside_down_face::metal::sweat_smile:

Where are all compasses? I only have one left, been saving it like a maniac. ■■■■, I remember the time when I had half a dozen. Now I have Danzaburo, Rigard, Cyprian, Ameonna, Gadeirus and Captain of Diamonds waiting in 3/60. Tibrutus is there pretty soon same as Margaret.

There haven’t been a single compass for me in weeks (months)!

I seem to be having only roots as a loot plus 1-3 gems. Joke starts to be lame.

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