The road to nowhere?

It seems that if you know how to go far enough, you will find out that the two bridges to your base are not complete and dead end. Better get those builders busy!


I had the same thought too. :grin:


I used to think they would open new areas we would access via the bridges when they added new buildings. Wrong! Instead we have to convert the same building to have multiple uses.

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I used to play a game called hay day which had a main screen for your farm and crops, animals etc and as players grew they added another screen that was a town that had new tasks then a pond to fish in and so on so you were always happy despite your level. Plus you could trade items directly with others in your group or buy at others stores if they were listed. Kinda like if I could trade a 2nd classic 5 for a s2 5 or sell some s1 4s for emblems or in game currency.

All the Talking Heads characters…


Not to fret. Out of boredom I found out that when they walk to the end they turn around and walk back

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All preparation for the new series Empires & Puzzles: Stargate Adventures, in which Richard, Elena & Co. venture out into parts unknown, winning all the Fortnite Victory Royales and killing every last critter in Animal Crossing.


Sorry, just had to :upside_down_face:.


@ Nightmare,
You took me back to my roots.

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Where does this bridge go to??

Why is there only ever 1 peasant walking backwards and forwards on it?

What is he doing?

Is there another Stronghold on a different hill?

If so then who is guarding that one?

Please help.


There are some theories already :face_with_monocle:, nothing official tho

I’ll quote myself and hope it doesn’t cause me to go blind:

It’s weird…I didn’t really even notice it…it was just there in the background but in the “Greet a villager” POV I just just spotted him…

And it’s like “why have I never really noticed this before???”


Glad others are perplexed too though


I was searching to see if it had been discussed before…but wasn’t hitting the right keywords to easily spot it.

So glad others have asked these deep meaningful questions too

Update on this. Apparently , a nerve was struck because the other day when trying to answer the question of what gender(s) are the villagers Female villagers!, I decided to check and LO AND BEHOLD it seems that someone has blacked out the area beyond the bridges. Did they really need to do that?

What sound does a Bandicoot when he falls down?


There are actually TWO roads to nowhere: one at the left side and one in the bottom right corner. There is a villager who walks along both. Maybe they loop around and connect to each other out of sight.

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