The Rigard Curse

Am I the only one who finds this bastard being left with < 30 health and with full mana, wars raids everywhere it’d the same occurance with the dude

Actually just before I made this thread I was fighting him and guess what happened

Didint really matter but I still burst one laughing as this happens almost every day

Looks familiar to me

The only time I find him (or other tanky healers) annoying is in war with field aid and he’s the last one left. Field aid charges so quickly plus his own ability to heal makes it such a long grind. Especially if my yellow heroes or snipers are dead and I’m forced to take him out with just tiles.

I hate him, so I’m leveling him.


2 wars ago field aid was the healing buff. 1st atk vs a strong team and I get it down to Rigard in left corner. I feel like I had it, 3 heroes up for me Cyprian flanked by hu Tao and Rigard…nope. battled for 6 or 7 minutes like that cussing at him and lost it to time!!! Hu Tao hits like a wet noodle and rigard couldn’t hit me hard enough to counter any damage…lmao.

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Wait until Kunchen is released. 5* Rigard+Wilbur without spirit link.


Lol. You got that right about Hu Tao @Buryyourdead I have even dropped him from my team. Bane gives a better punch.

Slightly off topic, I know, but I’ve been playing for almost two years and I’ve got lots of fully ascended 5* heroes. I have trained five Horghalls and ten or a dozen Grimms.

I have never managed to train or pull Rigard. Randomness is weird.


any info on kunchen , image etc ?

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That’s all I know about him, saw his card floating around somewhere. Beta images and gameplay aren’t to be shared here because beta content is subject to change. You could always just search for it and find it like I do though.

*checks notes for possible causes, gleaned from regularly reading the forum*

I think the pull probabilities are rigged against you. Of course, it might just be SG messing with your account because you’ve complained on the forum before.


That was my first thought when I read “Rigard Curse.” I have yet to pull a 4* or higher healer, let alone a Rigard. I almost always pull attack heroes.

20 characters of :joy::joy::joy:

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, this actually made me laugh so much! It’s a joke right?

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It sure is. I’m glad you found it funny :laughing:

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