The ridiculous list of useless/obsolete tanks

I read everywhere about useless and obsolete tanks. Often followed with the “you just” argument. Please help me complete the list, I’ll start with a few.

  • Guin is useless as tank, you just bring Malosi and here special is limited to a small mana reduction.

  • Isarna is useless as tank, you just bring Mitsuko and Isarna will kill herself with her special.

  • Aegir is useless as tank, once again you just bring Malosi and his special does nothing at all.

  • Tarlak is useless as tank, you just bring J-F and Tarlaks def down will instead be a +42% def buff.

  • Telluria is useless as tank, you just bring Malosi and then someone like Gobbler or Grimble to clean up the minions.

Your super-strong counter hero is useless because you just don’t get enough tiles.

Your counter strategy is useless because the tank loads a second time.

You lose because the flanks kill you.


Two of the tanks listed above (Guin, Tellu) are still absolutely great tanks. Aegir is still okay and Tarlak as well as Isarnia have never been good tanks as they are much too squishy.

Your reasoning has several flaws. First, many players don’t have the respective counter hero (or in case of wars don’t have multiple copies). Second, you don’t always get enough mana before Tellu/Guin/… work their special. Third, the tanks might fire a second time. Moreover, there are still four other heroes against which the attackers have to adapt their team.

Tarlak boosts normal attacks and gives a small HoT. You maybe mean Kunchen instead.


Does everyone have malosi? No they don’t so if he is the only counter, you have work to do


Sorry, I was thinking Wilbur.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. Some people don’t realise these other factors.

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Of cause there got to be counters to everything to keep the game in balance. But its getting the tiles for your dispeler to be ready to use or cleanser to clear someone’s special on you. The board isnt on your side always and even though you bring the right hero’s I can end up a train wreck


By that logic, you may want to put Dawa or Aife in the middle.

Every tank can be countered, but if you don’t get the tiles, all your Malosis, Mitsukos, Gobblers… mean nothing…


You are assuming everyone has Malosi.
Or six of him for war.

Yeah nah, sorry, back to the drawing board.

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I think this topic is meant to be tongue in cheek rather than serious?

It looks like the OP is responding to how every tank can be written off by s simplistic strategy, rather than actually saying all these heroes are rubbish.


Now that you’ve mentioned it…

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My Aegir+19 keeps me always in diamond even if I don’t raid in over a day.
He’s still useful although Malosi is a great counter to him but Malosi is a great counter to most tanks.

Aw, it went over my head, too. I thought, “What is OP thinking?” In the spirit of reconciliation, I’ll add . . .

Ursena is useless as a tank, you just bring five yellows and then it only takes a single yellow tile to wipe her off the face of the board.


Now we’re getting somewhere

Mok-Ar is useless as Tank because you just take five purples and he can’t hurt you

Mother North is useless as Tank because you can’t resurrect heroes that aren’t dead yet


as it’s meant to be tongue-in-cheek, should this go into Community Content rather than General Discussion? And perhaps add “silly” or “ridiculous” to the title? @JonahTheBard

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I’ll add…

  • Onatel is useless as a tank, she can’t steal mana if your heroes don’t gain mana! Just bring mono, match tiles in the other 4 colors, and kill her slowly with 1-hp damage per tile

  • Santa is useless as a tank, just bring heroes who don’t rely on their attack stats (e.g. DOTers like Vlad!)


You’re probably not able to charge all counters every time a tank fires. There are no obsolete tanks, there are just some that will punish you harder if no counter is up on its cast.

Second point is how many strong tiles a tank needs to go down from 3, 4 or mono attackers.

4/5 from mono = top tank
4 from mono = good tank
3 from mono = average tank

6/7 from 4 stack = top
4/5 from 4 = good
3/4 from 4 = average

7/8 from 3 stack = top
6/7 from 3 = good
5/6 from 3 = average

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If Malosi is such an effective anti-tank hero, would that make him the best tank? :thinking: :man_shrugging:


No, he has to be be manually controlled to be strong. Timing & aiming isn’t the best rng ability.


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We’ve established this is a joke thread @Olmor, stop trying to offer sensible commentary



I’m piloting the idea of a mod holiday so I’m currently as powerful as Superman in a kryptonite bikini


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