The Ridiculous Ideas & Features Thread

New war/raid tournament idea: A mode where the defending team has a defence rating of 0.

Thoughts: Despite my big, big wallet I do sometimes have trouble beating some teams. Obviously no-one wants to lose, especially having spent what I have on this game. So rather than my previously ignored ideas, which were perhaps a bit ridiculous, I propose that the team I’m attacking doesn’t have any defence rating. And offensive special or tile damage is 100% true damage. I should be able to win easily now!

Conclusion: I believe by introducing such a tournament or war buff would ease a lot of frustration for the playerbase, and thus be a brilliant business move for SGG. Do it, please. With sugar on top. And cherries. And ice-cream. And…

P.S. Thanks @Elioty33

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I just want EP to nerf every single hero except Derrick, Julius, and all the other 1 stars. IF I cannot beat your fully maxed out defense when I raid using the heroes I picked up at the random portal and threw together as a team, then its clear the game is rigged against me.

I just don’t understand why your fully powered and maxed out 5 stars should be able to beat my basic one stars with out a single hero fed into them. Its not fair. :sweat_smile:

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It sounds like you may not be color stacking, have you tried to use Mono teams of 1*?

Honestly… Is the boards that are preventing your victory. Rigged boards.

I’d save trainer heroes for raid offense. 5 trainer heroes of the same color and star get a 10x stat boost on offense.

yes. I had Derrick, Derrick, Derrick, Derrick and Green Trainer.

true. I tried all green 1 star heroes and they had the nerve to include shields of all 5 colors. in a matching game. Why can’t all the shields just be green.

Yes. and when they have a raid tournament with no healing. I always use nothing but healers on defense. I cannot figure out why my defense gets a D rating.

Honestly, I think you posted on the wrong board. To have this idea properly considered it should really be here: The Ridiculous Ideas & Features Thread
That said, none of my proposals have been taken seriously…

Oh, it’s obvious what you’re doing wrong. You’re not using Aife.

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Sadly the irony here will be missed by the people who need it most.

Have you searched the interwebs for the latest rankings and splurged on draw 30’s? Have you maxed out your Hero’s limit break and talent points? Have you maxed out your troops? Have you maxed out all the other types of troops? Have you tried spending thousands of dollars?

I’ve always been F2P and don’t understand why all these people are complaining. I’m able to have a full reserve of troops to max out a hero that dropped two hours ago and I haven’t spent a thing.

I’m no apologist though, E&P needs to do more to balance the match making.

Not me thinking this was gonna be a serious post. Because I’m ngl, it still feels like that even with a roster like mines, that I know can take on some of the bigger and newer heroes (one at a time rather than a full team), but even then, sometimes, an enemy Joon will still more powerful than my Kingston.

But I’m not anemic.

Joon is too powerful. He can blind you with his thing and then you will walk around bumping into the things of others. There needs to be a hero that blinds his own team.

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Sksksks, I’d rather have a hero that might debuff attack and/or defense over one that deals damage to the enemy at a BIGGER detriment to my own, like accuracy reduction. :joy:

I may have. I dont really pay attention to names, just the picture and if it looks cool.

New hero proposal: There should be a hero who can one-shot kill the entire opposing team with one tile no matter what the colour is.

Thoughts: I’m a bit fed up of losing as often as I do, especially when demonstrating the size of my wallet (which is very substantial indeed). Now, I understand my previous suggestion of auto-win might be a bit over the top, so this should alleviate those concerns. With this proposal it would mean I have to demonstrate my wallet-fu skills to pull the hero in order to do these one-shot kills. It would generate a ton of revenue for the publisher.


This is undoubtedly the best idea. Ever. The shareholders will personally thank me for it.

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War change proposal: War participants should have unlimited flags and reuse heroes.

Thoughts: It’s not fair I only get to use my best team once. I want to win with my best team. And since boards aren’t guaranteed to be in my favour (despite how wide I open up my wallet), I need more flags to guarantee more wins than losses. So a combination of unlimited flags and reusing heroes will allow me to achieve this.

I can hear the objections that this is a ridiculous idea and proposal, but it does allow the most dedicated players and alliances a guaranteed war win. I’d even propose adding an autoplay button to make this easier. Guaranteed war wins for the dedicated players. Do it, SGG. It’s a brilliant idea. Honest.


This gets my approval. It rewards dedication and allows for more war participation with no limits.

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I up this with war tickets - You can use them to autocomplete a battle without having to actually fight it.

It can bring a lot of revenue and support the efforts of those willing to spend :wink:

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I should amend this idea: