The Ridiculous Ideas & Features Thread

Can we make a feature where we force a family member of the monsters we’re slaying to watch? But only on level 8-7.

Like, maybe, have a couple of my heroes holding the the arms of the daughter of the 8-7 Highland Yeti, and as their hit points go lower they start to look at their daughter with, like, really sad eyes as we send tile after tile on autoplay until they just slump over as their daughter fights vigorously to break free from my heroe’s clutch. And if you turn the volume up, it’s met with the hysteric wailing of “Stop!” “Please!” and “You’re killing them!!” of a teenage Yeti mourning their father’s murder right in front of their very eyes.

I feel like this feature might make some people want to farm a different level; which is good for the game.


checks calendar

So, ummm…did you have a nice Christmas? :thinking:


I’d like to change “Autoplay” to “Husband play,” since it’s just supposed to know what I’m thinking, but still finds a way to screw it up, even though it was never provided with any real instruction.

On “Husband play,” it can also pick 7 different farming levels for me that I can click “no” to, until Husband play shuts off forcing me to pick a farm level, at which point I decide I don’t feel like farming anymore.


I would like to have a hero ride Ranvir into battle. There’s no reason someone can’t be riding him. No reason at all.


Couple more things.

  1. I would like to mate my heroes. I should be able to “combine” ranvir and say, Seshat. Can you imagine their offspring? Sure it’ll take some time. But dangit their kid would just murder everything.

note: I don’t need to watch while they mate. I’m not a pervert

note: I mean. I’m not admitting to being a pervert here in front of everyone.

note: I’ll watch IF I have to. Like. If that’s the only way to make this thing happen, I’ll watch okay.

Okay next idea:
Ranvir is fine with being ridden into battle. But now he’s sad because he has nothing to ride. I proposed the Seshat thing but he said “not like that, you dang weirdo.”

Apparently my boy wants to ride a dragon into battle.

I have access to dragons. What I don’t have is a button that lets my hero ride a dragon into battle.

I’m hoping this will be remedied soon. Ranvir is feeling very deflated about this situation and it’s making it very hard (or well really, very flaccid) to get my first idea off the ground.


Oh yes. I iz committing the sin of THREAD NECROMANCY in order to propose an absolutely ridiculous game idea.

You know how when… you’ve been waiting forever for such-and-such item to appear for sale (be it new summon gates, custom avatar pins, backgrounds, etc.)… whether you’re a spender or a FTP or something in between… maybe there’s something right now that you really really want but you don’t have enough gems or money to afford it at this time. And by the time you will be able to afford it, the offer will be long gone, and may never actually reappear again. :open_mouth: :sob:

Thus I propose - the absolutely most ridiculous, most unrealistic, most “holy crap man what are you thinking even suggesting opening this Pandora’s Box that can only possibly end in utter and absolute catastrophe” idea:

E&P Credit.


I know, I know… it’s an absolutely horrid idea. “Borrow” gems from SG, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”, at what I can only assume would be exorbitant interest rates. But what other choice do you have when you’ve waited 457 days for your nation’s flag pin to pop up in the shop and it just so happens to be the day before you get paid? What are your options? Wait another 457 days for it to pop up again? Borrow money from the shady guy down the street who is likely to bury you alive in a 55-gallon steel drum filled with sulfuric acid if you don’t pay him back on time? Take out a 4th mortgage (oh who are we kidding, that obviously takes more than a day to go through, and we all know you don’t qualify anyway with your credit rating)?

SG is definitely going to be experiencing some revenue losses soon, between COVID and TellyVelaGate controversies (and current Tavern of Legendary Season One 3*s probably isn’t going to help the overall situation)… sooooo… what better time than now for them to get into the credit lending business? Bad economy means lots of potential customers. You lend them virtual heroes, charge them ridiculously high interest rates, and when they miss a payment - BOOM - you confiscate all of their heroes, along with their very real house and car. CHA-CHING!

I mean, it’s basically a no-brainer if you think about it. SG literally has nothing to lose in this scenario, even if the “borrower” ends up declaring bankruptcy.


I petition, nay, I demand the introduction of the following concept in alliance war.

When a player’s defence team is dead, said player cannot attack.

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I wouldn’t mind a very very slow hero that’s useful specifically for Titans.


I’d like SGG to introduce the real life feature of “moods.”

You ever walk in a room, see someone, and just know they’re in a bad mood and not to be messed with?

Do that, but with defense teams. Like, if Seshat is just going to keep charging and picking me off one by one, maybe throw a pre-raid scowl on her face. Or a pre-raid smirk if she’s going to give me a fighting chance. It will save us some time, so we can decide to flee right out of the gates, and raid someone in a better mood.



Can we make this happen?


Since we all love the RNG so much, I’d like to see a completely randomized tournament. Why spend so much time to chose heroes for your teams? Just let the RNG decide your defense and attack and let chaos rule! :smiling_imp:

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I would like, nay, demand that the opening board be full of the colours of my chosen team.

Eg. If I went mono red then the board would be full of reds.

@TGW I love all your memes, but this one made me laugh even more than usual! Can totally relate…

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How about a summer dress mode? :man_shrugging:

I think that i.e. Zeline is sweating a lot in her loads of clothes. Maybe a little less material on her body would be better. Also for the poor Natalya who looks dressed like she has to walk through the north pole.
Would be fair enough.

SGG, where are we with crayons?? Updates, please!

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I can’t honestly be the only person wondering why SGG hasn’t done crayons yet…

Can we make it so we can watch a Mystic Vision and then return during the wind-up time of Tim’s (otherwise known as the Icehammmer Giant) SS?

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My ideal raid team:

Argh, my ice hero split his personality again. Make him stop!


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