The Ridiculous Ideas & Features Thread

I can’t honestly be the only person wondering why SGG hasn’t done crayons yet…

Can we make it so we can watch a Mystic Vision and then return during the wind-up time of Tim’s (otherwise known as the Icehammmer Giant) SS?

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My ideal raid team:

Argh, my ice hero split his personality again. Make him stop!


Can we make it that anyone wanting to play the game has to spend a Summer interning at SGG or Zynga first?

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I made a complaint along similar lines, but realised the futility of my complaint as it wouldn’t lead to any change. To enact change one must present it to the Ideas and Features Thread instead. With enough votes we can make this happen!


Introduce an ‘Auto-win’ button for raids.

Thought process

The RNG in this game is rigged. We all know it: the more you spend, the easier it is to win. Rather than it being a shady behind the scenes thing, let’s be honest and bring it into the light and make this accessible to all.

At the raid screen, whether it is for normal raids, tournaments, war, etc. there should be an additional button which allows us to pay to win the forthcoming battle, much like how loot tickets can be used on the world map. This new button could be squeezed in alongside the re-roll and fight buttons.

Perhaps the payment could be proportional to the opponent’s TP. Lower TP opponents are cheaper than higher TP opponents. I’m not entirely sure about the payment structure and open to ideas, perhaps others can make suggestions. I was thinking payment could be tiered along every 200 TP or something.


Introducing an Auto-win button will allow me to demonstrate my undeniable skills and luck as a player.


You have one l too many in that sentence.

I am not at all egotistical. My ego can confirm that.

You’re right – ThPhiosopher just doesn’t work.

Curse my inability to distinguish between ‘I’ and ‘l’. :laughing:

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Ridiculous idea for SG to purge inactive accounts from the servers (and make money in the process)

DISCLAIMER: This post is meant as a joke. I’m not truly suggesting that they do this. But if they do? I expect a 10% commission for coming up with the idea.





Proposal: I, nay, we demand more alliance recruitment criteria within the game.

Problem: At the moment the only in-game criteria an alliance can set is the number of trophies. Alliances should have more control within the game as to who they allow to join.

Nb. I am not considering the ‘invite only’ aspect as it is not a criterion.
Nb.2 I am also not considering chat apps as those are external to the game.

Suggested criteria:

  • Number of trophies (already in game)
  • Number of base leveled 5* heroes
  • Number of fully emblemed 5* heroes
  • Number of base leveled 4* heroes
  • Number of fully emblemed 4* heroes
  • Number of Hero of the Month
  • Number of specific heroes, e.g. two Tellurias
  • Number of heroes of a specific element
  • Number of heroes of a specific origin, e.g. S1, S2, etc.
  • Number of 4* troops
  • Number of 4* troops fully maxed
  • Number of 4* troops of a specific element
  • Number of 4* ascension materials
  • Minimum length of game activity
  • Geographical location
  • Language(s)
  • Number of days since first installation (date of first installation would be too intrusive)
  • Number of 24 hour periods inactive
  • Number of consecutive 24 hour periods inactive
  • Longest length of time spent inactive (to nearest minute - we’re not fussy)
  • Number of unused war flags
  • Number of unused titan flags
  • Name of internet provider
  • Phone specs, e.g. RAM, SoC, screen resolution, screen refresh rate, etc. (or specs of tablet, etc.)
  • Amount spent in-game
  • Annual income - including partner or spouse’s (if applicable), or other means
  • Minimum spend per month

Conclusion: I’m sure there are other criterion which I have overlooked but I’m sure others will have suggestions to fully flesh out player demands. I believe by adding in these options into the game it would enhance an alliance’s recruitment efforts.


Problem: The game is too easy! :angry:

Proposal: Adjust tile damage calculations.

Idea: I’ll explain via an example using a rainbow team. Yeah, I know. Suppose my yellow hero is killed, then yellow tile damage is removed. If my purple hero is killed, the purple tile damage is removed. So on and so forth. So if I only had a green hero left I can only inflict green tile damage, all other tile colour matches result in the ‘hero missing’ message and obligatory 1 attack per tile damage.

Similarly for colour stacking teams. If I go mono yellow and my first yellow hero is killed, their attack contribution is removed.

Conclusion: I believe this proposal will make the game more of a challenge as we yawn our way through the hard levels of the game while waiting to click on the autoplay button. Hey, not all of us want to spend money on loot tickets!

Problem: Alliance members are too unreliable in war!

Proposal: Let the alliance leader use all the alliance’s flags.

Thoughts: There are many issues in war about how an alliance can lose a war from new players without a deep enough bench, players bailing out of the alliance, players unable to log on, etc. Basically, they’re all unreliable and only alliance leaders show this level of commitment and consistency. Since we can’t leave any flags unused I think it’s correct the leader should use all the flags to solve this problem.

Conclusion: I believe this proposal solves the issues surrounding unreliable alliance members not using their war flags, and is the best idea ever with respect to war.


Our Highest Combo number should be next to our forum user name, so if I ask a game question on the forum, I don’t have to sit there and take advice from a level 90 person whose only had a 20 combo.


Man, I can only dream of a 20 combo. Guess I’m well down the list of your advisers.


Yeah, but you’ve probably only been playing for, like, a month out something. Keep at it, you’ll get there!


If it was a real pvp match. I’d like to break my husband’s head with a hammer … LoL :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Problem: One keeps losing alliance wars due to running out of flags.

Proposal: Give me unlimited number of flags.

Thoughts: By having unlimited flags - well, unlimited insofar I can use my entire roster, I suppose - I can beat my opponents with ease, so I don’t have to lose! Do it, SGG. I use my wallet a lot and often. Really. Honest. Scout’s honour…

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Problem: There are not enough heroes.

Proposal: Introduce Hero of the Week.

Thoughts: The game is getting stale with the same old heroes. We want something new. This way we’ll get something new every week. I wanted to suggest Hero of the Day but my mate told that would be ridiculous.

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