The Ridiculous Complaints thread



I see the new animation of Nashgar with the magnifying glass and this comes to mind


Is this supposed to be a ridiculous complaint? C’mon, you can do better…




Did I mention, that I hate timeout in raids. Was just a tiny little health left…

:triumph: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Was this team with about 300 tp more than mine and the board was strictly against me, too.

The Ridiculous Bragging thread

When Proteus is your big damage dealer, you know it’s going to be a long fight. Not to be a noodge, but maybe SG should offer an “Are you sure?” dialog box for the team when the sum total of all your attack stats is under 200…


Was my fault. I immediately hit ok and my def team was chosen. For att I usually swap one mom to Evelyn and sometimes I take Athena or Sonya instead of Rigard, buff depending.


I would like to complain that this is off topic and veering dangerously close to every third thread in this category.


i.e. this thread.
20 mins to think for a dumb complaint


Just so I’m clear, are you concerned that it isn’t ridiculous, that it isn’t a complaint, or that it should be split/merged as duplicative?


Everybody knows that Small Giant doesn’t really do instructionals. Sure, they have the occasional tooltip, but they’re pretty terse.

You can literally feed away a fully-leveled Bane to your shiny new Hu Tao with barely an “Are you sure?” right now. A little warning about the Rare event quests would probably be helpful here.

With this in mind, I’d like to call for some more useful tooltips when taking contextually questionable actions. Here’s a little example of what I’m asking for. This sequence of progressively escalating warnings might just have been enough to have helped our friend Olmor in his time of need.


To clarify, yes…


I need to complain that just as I was spying on @Garanwyn’s alliance the server crashed.


Server crash?? Poutrage thread in 3…2…


New favorite word!

20 poutrages


I just came up with another complaint:

I’ve been playing this game for five months now, and I have not lost any weight. What the heck?? What is SG going to do about this??


Crash the server so you have to go on a jog.


I see you’ve discovered my new secret weapon. Mwahahahaha!


There were have it


I’m a f2p player, although about 50 minutes ago i suddenly decided to change and spend $1million on troop tokens. I’d just got my wallet out when the game crashed, so as i clearly intended to give you my cash (my pet budgy was a witness) please compensate me because honestly i was just about to send it and now it’s your fault so i figure you must owe me at least $100,000 and a cuttlefish (etc)…

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