The Ridiculous Complaints thread

I want to complain that someone posted what they knew a ridiculous complaint to the Bugs and Issues category and not here: My D has fallen off :(


Here, I’ll do it.




That reminds me of a song by King Missile. Who loves the 90s when alternative rock was just starting?


Oh. That’s what you mean by “D”. I never noticed. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


So, if they fix the D, will they be erecting it? :thinking:


I remember that song. But I’m old - which is also a complaint. Not sure how it happened.


I noticed a problem since the last update. I keep getting more and more emblems, it seems like any chest, no matter how lowly it is (even just a standard monster chest) has a chance to drop emblems.

How am I, as C2P, supposed to vastly outpace the F2P crowd under these conditions, in order to completely dominate them in all aspects of the game?

  1. Summon rogues
  2. Teach them to steal emblems
  3. ??
  4. Profit

I would like to suggest some changes to the “Missions” tab, the most obvious one is the reward for summoning 1500 heroes, do you know how much gems does it cost?? and giving us back only 50… no way! I’m not too greedy so my proposal is at least 3000 :gem:

Please consider also removing the iron picture from “Collect food” and the ham from “Collect iron” they are confusing.


Here is your order, sir - ham with a side of iron ingots. Would you like a salad to go with that? lol


I definitely hear your concern. You’ll find that the gem rewards have been carefully crafted, however, to make sure you couldn’t care less about them after level 15 balance your enjoyment of the game with a vibrant gem economy.

Think of the reward for summoning 150 heroes as a really, really little “thank you” from Small Giant for working to improve your roster.

Also, it’s not like “ham with a side of iron” is the national dish of Corellia. The devs are just trying to reuse graphics to save money here add a little ethnic flavor to the rewards screen.

I hope this doesn’t get edited by anyone as too negative. answers any concerns you may have had about the gem rewards!


Sounds like a job for the Captain of D.


Oh that made me laugh. Guys walk into a bar. “I’m the Captain of D!”

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Dear SG,
Please redesign the bear enemies from Wonderland. They look so realistic, it’s freaky as hell, especially when moving.

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I feel that I must complain about the latest round of ‘heroes’ that SG has presented to us. I was so excited to to get an adorable new kitty cat to add to my collection (Zimkitty was lonely as her father has yet to be enticed by my catnip :smirk_cat: ).

But when my new kitty strolled into my life, he was limping. That’s right - SG sent me a defective cat! After gently examining my new friend, I discovered that SG had removed one of his claws. I was shocked… horrified! What else had they done?? Had they neutered him as well?!? :persevere:

As always, I have included photographic proof of said missing claw. I refuse to lift up the robes else I discover other heinous crimes.

As recompense, I demand a new, fully-clawed, fully-leveled and fully-unneutered kitty cat. Oh yes, and please have Alice deliver him to me. She can expect to stay for milk and cookies which shall take a rather long time :rofl:


Bob Barker says:


Not ridiculous, but curious as to whether or not an RCT Alliance was ever formed. If not, that’s just ridiculous and I’d like to complain.


I hesitate to defend SG, but extra or missing appendages in cats is often a sign of inbreeding…

So I’m more inclined to think that SG has supplied its first Special Needs hero. That’s a big step for the special needs community and should be applauded.

Unless the cat just lost it while it was being a mischevious kitty cat.


Good news everyone! It seems the RCT has made its way out of the forums and Into the game! This is a positive thing as it shows we are making headway on getting our complaints noticed.

As always, I offer a screenshot of a truly egregious complaint from my alliance mate @isli as proof. If these injustices continue the devs will be forced to listen!


I see the new animation of Nashgar with the magnifying glass and this comes to mind


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