The Ridiculous Complaints thread

The joke was on him, I just filled a hero chest, so I have 10 hours to go until the next one. Flag not wasted!

In conclusion: Bane ate Chochin. My first 3* seemed a fitting choice!


It seems a bright defense to me :slight_smile:


#RCT1496 this is a moment of truth and I would love to complain that the last time I checked RCT, STAFF members were not reading our beloced thread but this #rct1496 by @Garanwyn has prove that STAFF do read our Complaints and ALSO do LIKE … but they only likes Garanwyn posts Look here is @Petri likes the post :sunglasses:

My COMPLAINT why not like my posts too :thinking:


Congratulation my friend …
BUT I have to complain that you have not changed your non title yet!
please press on your avatar then settings then Title and choose Regular.

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I must complain that no one has congratulate our friend @zephyr1 for getting Leader trust level.

He is now part of the 18 strongest man and woman in our community here

…hm well the strongest 17 man and woman only …
You’ll wonder and say but it said 18! I will complain again then and say why would a robot get Leader trust!

So I hope that Discobot will be good boss of yours Zephyr1 .
@discobot would you please quote some thing good for this moment? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for looking out for me, but actually I got plenty of congrats for that. :slight_smile:


Nope they congratz you for Mod not for exact word of trust Leader level :smile:

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There are still enough confetti and cookies left over in the other thread. Fire up another party! :partying_face: :confetti_ball: :cookie:


I would like to complain that whenever I launch a special attach against a Titan, it takes upward of around 3 seconds of very precious time to launch the attack. Never mind the fact that it probably yields me more points. I feel that these strikes should be instantaneous. Or better yet, it should know my entire strategy up front and just give me the points. Or even better… Just assume that I’m going to kill the Titan single-handedly and award me the points/rewards every time one appears.

I suppose my outrage could be assuaged by simply sending me 10,000 gems to make up for all the accumulated lost seconds I’ve acquired. See? I can be reasonable. I’d even settle for the next 12 HOTMs. --Thank you SG for your considered cooperation in this, most egregious, offense.

Any idea how many seconds it took for me to write this out?


idk I’d say that’s only ridiculous when you get that chest in platinum/diamond - which I do all the time.

Ridiculous is to post that common reward in that topic where you post non-common reward

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Sometimes I think the RCT is the least ridiculous thread in this forum.


I must complain that I have run out of moves! I pretend that I’m playing minesweeper and cannot activate the dragons or diamonds.


I have a complaint.

I just lost three revenge raids in a row to the same person. I think if you lose two, they should just let you automatically win the third time. Then I wouldn’t be mad. It’s so unfair that the other person had a way better team than me. I should be able to win.

Sorry, I know it’s ridiculous, but maybe this needs its own thread. :wink:


Moderator’s note: this thread was getting floded with fun but kinda off-topic Fun with @discobot . Split off. No complaining!


Come on Kerridoc … Its ridiculous to brag with a Bot! Very ridiculous to be honest!


Don’t try and shift away from the issue, my friend. The bigwigs and deep-state in Helsinki want you to forget about this blatant flaw in game dynamics. Don’t let them fool you!

SG is flush with money from their deal with Zynga and can afford to get our poor robot some more dice. If they can take the time to program tile drops to disadvantage color stacking and manually flood you with ascension materials that you do not need, then it is simple to buy at least a hundred 24 karat gold dice. Only the best for the robot that controls the most important aspects of the game. :robot::game_die:

How can we expect to play this game without discobot having more than 20 dice? It’s impossible. You will see; there will be a wave of players quitting over the issue… but still playing… BUT NOT ENJOYING IT.


This is pure gold :sparkler:

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