The Ridiculous Complaints thread







So all you need to do is pay 500 gems and put a space in front of your name, and then they do the same, and then you repeat…
Hey, this is getting ridiculous!


I’m sorry, I’m going to have to disallow this one as not ridiculous enough. Perfectly reasonable loot complaints are down the hall to the left. I warn you, though, it’s a very long line…


I would also like to complain that the #rc830 form gets longer as I fill it out. it is now 1470…

…No wait, I’ve made it 1471!


I think I must complain that you are trying to get higher up in the queue… actually your post is 1496 :wink:


Ok, so first up, long, long, long time reader. First time poster here, and I have few complaints.

LONG time reader! You read that right. Yeah, this thread is way too long. It made me laugh too much and now my stomach hurts. I demand compensation.
You can start with giving me Guin and 2 Gravemakers. Stop punishing us newer players with Aegir’s and garb HOTM’s while giving us nothing to combat those rampant hemorrhoids with, seriously the burning just doesn’t stop, you just think you got rid of it and BAM, there’s the burning sensation again. I’ve tried every cream imaginable and it won’t go away.
But even if you gave them to me I wouldn’t have any blades to level them with. I have ample Scopes, tonics, rings etc etc but NO blades. Puts on tinfoil hat Just ain’t fair!
Lastly, these so called common and cough “uncommon” (we see them all the time, there ALL common) quests. Have you even reviewed the rewards? Have you heard of risk/reward/cost balancing? Seriously. image
tinfoil hat off I love this game and the rewards and frustration it brings.
hat back on But I don’t think you love me anymore. You keep punishing me with my beloved Aife and deny me my QUEEN and her trusty Hemorrhoid crew!


Well, for a F2P player, the Gems ones aren’t too bad.
The Recruits ones, on the other hand… Yeah, they sucked. Besides, I’m rarely short on them anyway.


I like the analogy, but this could be dangerously close to a real complaint imho.


Soooo… In the Avatar Shop, you can buy Avatars, backgrounds for Avatars, and small icons next to it, be a national flag or an Emoji.
Buy why can’t I buy accessories FOR the Avatar? You know, like a pair of sunglasses, a cigar, a hat, or all three at the same time? The Layla Avatar I picked desperately needed some added swagger during raids.


By the power vested in me by the almighty @Duaneski



I find it disappointing that our newest moderator, @zephyr1, has not resolved all of the VERY SERIOUS problems laid out in this thread. You can tell how serious there are by my capitalization of ‘very’ AND ‘serious’. Nobody can prove these problems are not serious, because I just proved it by writing that they are serious. If you don’t think they are serious, then I don’t think you are being serious and should not be posting because you don’t know how serious these problems really are.



I am seriously upset with your overabunantly serious use of the seriously overused word “problem”. 3 times is seriously way to many times, seriously!




That was all earnestly, fervently and thoughtfully in all gravity, forcefully and zealously, purposefully and somberly stated extremely soberly.


More than a complaint, it is a suggestion.

I think that for the next anniversary we deserve to be put.

In zone 1, some chairs and tables for a few beers.

And in zone 2, a stage for concerts.


Why do we need to wait for an anniversary?


Some excuse must be put to spend some money on decoration.

In any case you are right.

Let’s make a boycott. If they do not already put it, we will stop spending hams in leveling up the coaches. :yum:


I swear I saw a different screenshot there originally… Regardless, got me thinking.

The overpriced seating could be here (After all, why should only the pumpkins and Christmas presents get the best seats?):

We could even generate a some additional revenue by selling advertising. There’s room for a blimp here, and I’m sure some sucker would part with their ham to be part of the event :grin: :slight_smile:


All the doors and windows of the castle are open except these.

What secret do they hide? Perhaps there are those 5 * heroes who refuse to give us so much?


This defense team:

Dude took 46 cups from me, then presents that as his defense… I’m not even sure if is worth spending a flag, as it only gives me 1 hero kill for chest.

Is that the strategy? I think it qualifies as ridiculous. I should just take my 12 cups and not care about the flag, I guess. :slight_smile: