The Ridiculous Complaints thread



When the recruits are dumped into the TC’s they actually are transported to a nearby blood village where they then toil for the rest of their limited days to produce the gems for the game. The blood village is hidden behind the stronghold, and the blood pouring from the village recruits is filtered clear and recycled into the river flowing through the stronghold.


That, I can get behind.


I want to complain about the censor. Apparently assess is considered a dirty little word. Who knew? Now I am relegated to other synonyms such as evaluate, judge, gauge. How unfair that I must dig deep into the abyss of vocabulary to pull this from my ■■■…ess. Oh the humanity!




I want to complain that is been 20 hours since anyone posted a complaint to the RCT. 4 more hours and I want compensation from SG, and a kitten…er…unicorn…er Kittencorn! Yeah a kittencorn, or maybe that’s a unicat. whatever I want it.


Would you settle for a Rare Thunder Unicorn titan with a respectful star level for every alliance? In other news I agree we really do need to keep feedback going in RCT as much as we can. I am sure I can find another one or two, but I think we need a list of exhausted complaints otherwise we repeat them and the “Ridiculous complaint value” is lost.


Dear SG,

I would like to register a complaint. I have heard that 2* Trainer Heroes are excellent for training 5* Heroes, and that they work best when color matched with the hero. So I diligently collected several, in anticipation of the opportunity to watch them shine.

You can imagine my excitement when I finally got Kageburado! I immediately paired him with a full complement of purple 2* Trainer Heroes.

Eager to begin the training, I took the team out for field maneuvers in Province 12-9. It seemed like the abundance of yellow enemies would make for an ideal opportunity for the 2* Trainers to teach Kage the ropes.

Things did not go as well as I might have hoped.

I would have been ok with this if the 2* Trainers had done their jobs, although I’m kind of upset about the world energy I lost. But those boneheaded trainers didn’t teach him anything! He’s still Level 1. He learned nothing! What The Heck guys?


Anyway, my friends in my alliance said that if purple Trainer Heroes weren’t leveling Kage fast enough, I could use rainbow Trainer Heroes to speed up the process.

I have included two 3* Trainer Heroes in the new team, because I hear they’re even better than the 2*s at helping Heroes level up. I HOPE SO!

Anyway, I’m taking the team back out to 12-9. I hope these guys finally get it together, and he actually learns something. If he’s still Level 1 after this, I’m going to be really upset.


So the rumors are swirling about a possible rebalancing/buff of heroes in version 20. The masses have plead for poor frozen Aegir, lifeless Thoth, and that other guy (Thorne, I think was his name?). Anyways, why stop there? Players also want Elkanen buffed so that he no longer looks like Haleth from the battle of Helm’s Deep.

Buff Kadilen, because she’s all about that bass.
Buff Khagan so he can finally climb over that wall.
Buff Horghall so he can jam to Jackson 5 songs.
Buff Vivica so she never has to stop drinking.
Buff Magni so that he has a 16 pack.
Buff Marjana with some MC Hammer pantaloons.

You get the idea, buff every single hero. We don’t leave anybody behind.


Seriously, I always thought that whoever sang with the Jackson 5 was Cipriano.


Any talk of Aife?

Twenty buffs.


Why stop there?

We need to buff all the 1* and 2* feeder fodder heroes so that they can actually enjoy the game too. Imagine being #1 in cups with a rainbow team of Nightshade Hikaru Sharan Sigrunn and Aife.


And why are there no 1* HOTM?


What Agwe carries in his belt. They will not be your kids, right?


We need a 3*, 4*, and 5* hero; all with Aife-face.


That’s a good idea for hallowen !!!


This would be the scene at Small Giant HQ approximately 15 minutes after they released a 1* HOTM…


Because $3 a summon…


In case anyone asks, you now know for bedrock-certain that I like you at least 4 WE’s worth :grin:


Looks like you need to rename him Jon Snow


True but at least they’d be honest about what you’re likely to get :smile:


Now that is dedication to a bit!