The Ridiculous Complaints thread



Don’t forget Vivica might need someone because… drinking alone is not good… There he is (*sorry for the ugly setup made on my phone)


I think I do… you’re saying… socialism is evil?


Actually, he’s saying that 1* titans are so darned cute that everybody would just naturally want to fight them! So it’s unfair that they make us all fight tougher, less cute titans.


Duaneski: I need to register a ridiculous complaint.

RCT Teller: Oh really, whatever about?

Duaneski: Well you see, I made this poopy-diaper reference that I thought was pretty clear, and maybe even it was. But then these people came along and I can’t tell if they got the reference, and they’re just trolling me, or if they totally didn’t get the reference. I don’t know what doooooo.

RCTT: hmmmm. Did you try making a short story for them, explaining the dangers of such tactics on an internet message board?

Duaneski: I mean. Not yet. Can you maybe elaborate on that for me?

RCTT: sure, Duaneski. Have a seat.

duaneski sits down

RCTT continues -
Now every now and again an idea appears on the internets. And then someone responds to the idea in a way that makes it seem like something or another. THEN the person, the OP if you will, returns and murders everyone with a stiletto he stole from Sartana while she slept.

duaneski nods slowly

RCTT continues -
So you see, the moral of the story is, if you’re going to post something on the internet, then there’s a good chance you’ll get bludgeoned with a demonic shoe. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?

Duaneski: Yeah… no. You really lost me there. Unless…

duaneski bludgeons @kayo and @garanwyn with Sartana’s demonic shoes

Duaneski: … is that… wipes blood and stool off face … is that what you meant?



I get the part about you wanting to steal Sartana’s high heels while she’s sleeping, but I’m afraid you lost me with the rest of that. I really do better with books on tape. Could you get @KLinMayhem to do an audio book of that short story? He’s got a great voice, and I think it would really help me out!




Ok. That one I understood :laughing:


I’m so excited. And glad we are on the same page. Though I guess, no way anyone could misinterpret THAT!

Weird that the end part of “how about no wait at all for me to finish it up. Because I’m gonna drop everything and prioritize this above eating, drinking, AND peeing!”

Sometimes weird things happen I guess! :smiley:


I would like to complain that there are a core group of people who blatantly and continuously ignore the social mores and principals of these forums. This clique is so notorious that they are branded, yet they are still allowed to post. To wit:

These people so obviously ignore the four key principals of this board (snubbing, insinuations, complaining and asking for free stuff from SG) that they should be banned from ever posting their unicorn and butterfly’s subversion again and forced to roll in the mud like the rest of us.

Please implement this immediately. And if you don’t you are a big doodie and you need to give us a free HoTM as compensation.


Poopy diapers and never clear. Just FYI.

Well the baby sounds like it knew how to dooodooo. Maybe you should ask it?


Oh. This is bad. This is dangerous…

This may literally be worse than traveling back in time to kill your own father. I just hope the forum has a functioning Paradox Machine. Otherwise, we’re in danger of a spontaneous implosion.


Strange how a complaint about the proliferation of likes draws such a proliferation of likes. Which of course only further cements @General_Confusion’s empathetic status.

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Dear SSG,
I wish to complain.
Why is there no special mission reward for thankless tasks???
I would have thought that having so much iron, and pointless double builders… to the point where i have upgraded the mine under my barracks to level 20… should be worth some mission gems???
MISSION COMPLETED: Built it to level 20, just because you could… REWARD: one gem…


To whom it may concern:

It has become increasingly difficult to take seriously several spoiled brats… I mean …heros that are seeing more and more usage in our raiding and wars.

Case in point, one Drake Fong.

He looks as if his mom told him “If you dont stop playing with your nunchackus in the house, you won’t have them to play with!!”

Or this guy:

Bad casting of Dread Pirate Robert, I say.

I expect my heros, male or female, to have a certain gravitas and not inspire giggles every time I look at them.

Your quick attention to this problem is appreciated. And compensation in the form of a few 5* charactors would not be unappreciated.

Kind regards,


It’s hardly Greg’s fault that nobody told him that a fake beard and moustache made out of what he could find in the nearest haystack or manger looks silly. Complain to Layla that the stealth and disguise lessons she gave him were such a failure.
Unless she was trying to teach him to hide in a comedy act I suppose…


Like Kaiden, who shows her gravit-■■■, whilst looking like she doing ‘blue steel’ from Zoolander?



20 snortssssss


Speaking of Kadilen my complaint is why can’t all the gals pull off the high heels she’s sporting and I’ll bet her feet look fabulous…Now look at Azlar who has obviously never had a pedicure in his life with toenails like a lot of my male patients. Just a real lack of personal hygiene if you ask me


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