The Ridiculous Complaints thread



Oops, sorry. Hard to read text sometimes…


I think you misunderstand why people want to buff Aegir. His armor is rusting. He needs some silver polish to buff out those garish ferrous stains. He needs to shimmer in the light!


You mean, a full-team blind?
Come on! Think of anyone who dislike fighting Hu Tao!


A full team blind is when he takes off his armor.


Aegir is the reason why most of our heroes don’t do drugs; he’s a walking billboard for the village folk.

Which is also why there’s a shortage of certain ingredients: Midnight Roots, Crypt Mushrooms, Common Herbs, just to name a few :grin:


20 sexy pinups of King Chao for everyone’s eyes


Village folk? Is he the cop, or cowboy, or construction worker?

SGG-A it’s fun to play in the SGG-A


I’m trying. I really am. But I’m not sure I know anyone like that. He’s slow mana and hits just slightly harder than a down pillow. I bet if we opened the question up to the wider forum, though, we could find somebody. There’s over 2M people who play E&P after all…


I actually avoid him like the plague lol. Hate that guy


Is it too late to change my answer?


I would like to complain about lack of comfort provided by SG in its so called ‘Dragon Nest’ on my stronghold tower. I paid good money for that nest and definitely feel it is sub-standard. My poor dragon finds it so uncomfortable that it has to hover above the nest all day and night.

So exhausted it is by this amazing feat of endurance that it only manages to give me a few gems and loot tickets once every 24 hours! The fact that my local builders are so scared by this they have doubled their productivity is of no consequence.

Unless SG immediately provides a more luxurious nest and (obviously!) compensate me with more of the known riches dragons are legendary for hoarding I may be forced to report them to the RSPCD (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Dragons).

Despite those responsible for this cruel act residing in Finland, I am sure the jurisdiction of the Society and its enforcement orcs will be able to right this terrible wrong, bringing much needed solace to my dragon and much needed riches to me.


The words on a recent quest completion reminded me beautifully of @FraVit93’s amazing Vivica meme. Didn’t see that anyone had done this one yet, and it was too good to pass up…


I think we need 20* titans. :japanese_ogre:


We need allstar titans :slight_smile:




Fairest and most equitable thing would be to have only 1* titans.

Because if you think about it, the Greater Pantheon of Toddlers alliance is really getting one over on the poor Newborns of Australia alliance.

NoAuBabies Just can’t keep up with the high rollers over at GPTODD and it’s creating a real diaper explosion for some soccer moms down under.

If you take my meaning.


awwww, please - don’t continue that discussion here. This is supposed to be ridiculous…


We do need more flags. Maybe with SH 21… no no… we need more towers in our castles! And princesses. Yes. Definitely princesses. But no Bowser allowed.


You’re absolutely right. You are. I would offer to let you flog me, but what if I found out I enjoyed it?

Then we would have to have THAT TALK.

Let’s play that out for a tick:

Witch: “Duaneski, you’ve been a naughty girl and you have to pay. I am gonna flog you, but it’s for your own good.”

Me: “I understand. It’s harsh, but fair.”

flogging commences

Duaneski… doesn’t hate it

Witch: “I hope you learned your lesson.”

Me: “uhhhh… you know… I actually was thinking about adding in some stuff about the United Preschoolers Guild and how they’re whooping down 4* tita… AH WHO CARES JUST KEEP GOING THIS FEELS SO GOOD!!”


(Readers imagining me being tied up and flogged, then enjoying it should generate some new complaints. Ridiculous ones? Maybe not. But I imagine psychiatry revenue globally is about to swing upwards :wink: )

E&P General Chit Chat

roflmao - now you are really being ridiculous! Thank you! :wink::kissing_smiling_eyes: