The Ridiculous Complaints thread



I think this is a real conspracy now my friend.

You just leveled up 14 but the system still giving you lv12 which is ridiculous as hell :joy:
You should really complain brother … I think giving you 5☆ rainbow team with lv11 4☆ mana troops will be just it as an appology.
I would not mind the troops as the complain OP. :rofl:


I think the complaints about Merlin’s nipples are not qualified here cause they are not ridiculous when you knew the reason of the non nipples.
Danzaburo has got Merlin’s nippys … I don’t know what happen but I think a duel between both of them leads to this point which devs has nothing to do with.


What’s really sad is that Gadeirus is also lacking nipples. Without a left nipple-nut how will he pick up radio transmissions?


3 grey summons tokens, 2x 3* troops.

What a day. Now if only the epic troop tokens would give a 4*.


Did you wander into the wrong Ridiculous thread by mistake, by chance? If getting 3* troops from the daily summon gate is a complaint that you want remedied, though, I’m sure SG will oblige. :wink:


That is what makes it a ridiculous complaint.
I have gone without a 4* in the last 20+ epic troop tokens, but I am “lucky” enough to get 1.7% chance twice in 3 attempts.

It will all even out eventually :slight_smile:


The colors of the elements do not respect the frequency of light. Check the colors of the rainbow out, there you would see that the purple is in highest position.
Considering that this game follows the inversion of the reality that one can observe in our reality, the red color is in the lower position (without adulteration); then, the yellow is the color for the leaver (check Prometheus mith), which is considered the false light. After that, it comes the color of the heart: the green color. The heart is the home of compassion, love and truth. These vibrations are in the opposite side of the purpose of this game.
The game approaches the spiritual reality. There’s no doubt it does. At the same time, it says that they won’t observe high spiritual lessons. If you’re looking for that, you landed on a very wrong soil.
Therefore, the developers feel free to spread all the kinds of dark symbolism.
Definitely, it’s meant to enslave your mind not to free your spirit.


Apart from the fact that this whole response contained not a single moment of pith or irony, with is going against the grain of this thread…

The Prometheus mith??? Do you mean myth?

There you go, thats my pythy… sorry, pithy, attempt to get the thread steered back to a ridiculous course.


Recently E&P posted a pic of a Holy Hel on their page and I fully believe it was to mess with people wanting a holy celestial :laughing:


Sorry, then. I’ve been ridiculously out of the pitches!


Then i really have to complain that he still is in the list.

So someone hasn’t removed him :smiley:

BTW. it would be ridiculous that he is in the list, but is this complaint ridiculous? Hmz… It would be ridiculous to call @Kerridoc and @Rook for this problem isn’t it?


I have a pretty trivial complain… why the Watchtower must be upgraded with food? Are we having meat walls or something?


Perhaps they use the ham as grouting?
Perhaps the upgrade workers require ham-ocks?
Maybe the bricks are bacon-ed?
Might the cement used be by the metric gammon?
It could be the watch tower has a muttonzanine level?
Perhaps the ground workers need new pitchporks?

I should stop there… or should i?


Not forgetting the classic Jefferson Starship song…
‘We build this city, we build this city…
We build this city on sausage rolls…’

Drops the mic…


Hahahaha hahaa. Oh man somewhere JB is smiling :laughing:

Well played

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Why do we have to farm ham anyway? Why can’t our farmers raise midnight roots? Midnight does occur the kingdom occassionally, right?


Tragically, not where your farms are. As you can see from the tooltip, the soil in Season 1 Provinces 1-4 just isn’t conducive to growing midnight roots due to the lack of midnights. You can tell because it’s always sunny at your base, even if you log in during the dead of night. Timezones normalize in Province 5. Since your farms are in Province 1, alas, you’re out of luck.



There’s a titan inside.
Or, the watchtower IS a Titan.
Or maybe it’s just sentient. And hungry.

Not before the long-awaited Aife nerf, sorry.
I asked the mods about this.


1– Aegir hasn’t been in the Atlantis portal once.

2- I’m tired of everyone screaming “buff Aegir, buff Aegir.” It’s not him thats the problem. Everyone else needs ti be DEBUFFED.

Can we discuss Aegir
The Ridiculous Complaints thread