The Ridiculous Complaints thread

Fortunately, by the time I was able to participate fully in recruits II, I had learned the lesson not to waste anymore resources on 3* troops so my max lvl 3 star is level 7, but most of my 4 star Mana troops are lvl 11 and 4 star Crits stopped at level 6 (apart from yellow, lvl 9 because I have no yellow mana troop.). I also keep 5 copies of every unique 3 star that I posses. People don’t pay enough attention to troops imo.


It took me so long to get all of my 4* troops, that I had no choice but to level up my 3s.

But even after I got some 4s, I thought… I should probably keep these leveled 3s also.

Looking back now, I maybe should have even kept some 2s…

5 each of everything unique, except for 1 stars; just get rid of them as early as you can!! The cost being identical for any lvl troop used in levelling up. By lvl 11, paying 65,0000 ham per lvl 1 troop worth 40 points / 1450 points means each level is costing well past 2.5 million.

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I am well aware of how high the leveling costs are… 2.5 million hams all in one go is a lot.

But seeing as how I’m just gobbling up a few feeder troops a day as I collect them… it’s usually less than 200k ham to gobble up a few, while my food storage can hold up to 3318k… drop in the bucket.

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How can Morris be classed as a fighter when his special skill is “Dig a Hole”?


He’s fighting the Earth, which is commonly considered to be the mother of Thor so …

Morris may be lighting a fire he can’t put out.


The legend of Morris the destroyer grows :sob:


There’s a hole in the ground dear Morris dear Morris
There’s a hole in the ground dear Morris a hole

Let’s hide in the hole dear Helo dear Helo
Let’s hide in the hole dear Helo let’s hide


With my single pull from farming 4th season maps I got Morris just now.

Now we are all become Morris.

Or have we always been …?


Ostrich policy might be a strategy to deal with problems in E&P. Most often, no amount of trying to protest or to do whatsoever leads to any improvement, so burying our heads in the sand looks like an attractive alternative.

Now, this Morris, might he be E&P’s ironic proposition as to our next-level strategy of dealing with problems with the game?

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That song always makes me smile! THANK YOU!

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is this possible on regular smartphone (Iphone11), or just on PC / tablet?

Would you not like your Morris to revive, and then dig his hole and survive 2 more turns, after which he kindly strokes a random enemy and asks nicely to please not collect mana for 2 more? :scream:

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I like his special skill and find it interesting. However, the special skill better corresponds to the rogue class, not the fighter class IMHO…

I agree. It’s completely out of character. I don’t trust this guy. I have him, but will think twice before I bring him up. Especially because I am working on Lepiota, still some work to do on her, and since my daily job (the horror) requires some use of brains, I probably cannot avoid to think twice before I start on him.

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