The Ridiculous Complaints thread

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How many memes could a memer meme if a memer could meme memes?


Aaaand …

This had me confused for a moment wondering how January 2020 was 27 days later than December 2020.

We need a better distinction here in dates!

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A memer could meme as many memes as a meme memer could, if a memer could meme memes?


Can I go all the way to special skill lvl 3 at 3-50?!

Spoiler: I know it’s been done before but gosh it still feels special every time


Man, I am so PO’d right now - I had 71 EHTs saved up for Springvale, but I got Malicna on my 13th pull already.

Now I have to wait until April 1 to use my other 58 EHTs, dammit.

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I’ve had several 3*s do that to me. Especially costumes.

Leading to super fun times of training hundreds of fast feeders and hoping for 10 of that one color just to go up one level in special.

“Oh you don’t need 100%, what are the odds that a special will fail to level at 90%?”

:laughing: :rofl:

Sooooo much higher than you’d think, unfortunately!

Made that mistake several times.

Never. Again.

All because I was too impatient to wait for one more on-color feeder. I waste 9 of them for nothing instead, and feel like a complete idiot after.


This isn’t really a complaint, but I just used Lord Loki against Grimble and I think it would be so funny if when Loki copied Grimble, it was Loki riding the goat.

Meanwhile, at Duaneski’s kingdom:



“Sir, what the heck are we supposed to do with all these hams?”

“I dunno… eat them?”

“We’ve been trying to, sir. We’re eating them as fast as we can. But still there are hundreds of pounds of it going to waste.”

“Take the extras down to the orphanage.”

“We have been doing that, sir. They actually turned us away the last time, they said their children are no longer starving, but rather, now they are suffering from obesity.”

“Huh. Okay, well take the extras to Friar Tuck, then.”

“We have, sir. I’ve never seen one man consume so much food in one sitting. But now even he is full.”

“Friar is full??? Never thought I’d see the day… okay then, put the rest into the training camps.”

“They are also now refusing our hams. They voted last month to put their recruits on a strictly vegan diet, after several trainees dropped dead from heart attacks during routine training.”


“So what should we do, my lord?”

“I’m thinking…”

“Do you require anything while you are thinking, good sir?”

“Now that you mention it… yeah. I could really go for some bacon and sausage links.” :grin:


Was great to see Richard tackling Mt. Umber today, especially considering he’s been mercilessly traveling the underground realm at the same time.

Hey SG, here’s an idea, maybe use different heroes to travel through different realms and quests at simultaneous times, so I might actually believe the hero is there instead of being patronized with the idea that Richard or Viv is in any different realm and/or Quest at any given time.

Compensation: 10,000 gems and a 1* green trainer feels fair.


I am pretty sure SG will find this exaggerated. A 1* green trainer?

I felt your post invites this. I couldn’t resist.


Meanwhile, in Gartenerbsen’s kingdom:

“Sir, our training camp level 1 has almost run out of recruits! Shall we resort to our food and recruit bank TC11?”
Indolent band of sluggards! It’s Atlantis, go and farm some recruits! Do some work, will you?”

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230 free summons waiting, I couldn"t :sweat_smile:

Grey tokens set aside to avoid potential catastrophe with PoV challenge. Not a big temptation to pull them.

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What about training camps to collect? Just now achieved 10 heroes on TC20 will wait till I have no projects…

Those big queues waiting to be collected, I don’t have. I usually use the produce at once.

TC20 nowadays serves mostly as food for me, either for levelling, or for HA10.

Remind me to blur my tokens if I ever post screenshots.

Not sure you’d survive it. :joy:

Nice premise but if you are dumping ham, remember your troop training camp! A 4 star troop is the most powerful food consuming resource I have encountered thus far. It’s so nuts, I’m quitting at lvl 11 on all my mana troops for now (although I think I may only have 4 to go atm).

Sausages and bacon works too.

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I am very different from most players in this game in that I have already eaten all of my feeders. Troops and heroes. Yes, ALL of them. Every last one.

And every time I pull a new one? I gobble it up immediately.

Meanwhile I’ve got farms spitting out bacon faster than I could ever possibly eat them.


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