The Ridiculous Complaints thread

That’s why SG should change that…

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True, but this makes far too much sense to be a ridiculous complaint.

Actually, expecting SG to do anything about it is pretty ridiculous so … we’re good :smile:


Today’s ridiculous complaint is why are the villagers just wandering around on the paths and NO ONE is doing any work on the farms? How do those small but well developed crops get cared for? Night time?!?

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A “tower” is “approaching”

How in the world does a 50 level tower move at all, much less approach?

Where did this technology come from?

I believe your population ignores it because it’s way to science fictiony to believe.
Like maybe the equivalent of saying the oh my rng goblins have learned to fly and we don’t have the technology to shoot them down.
I mean really, who would believe that?


Undead Horde war mode is an entirely unacceptable buff to Captain of Diamonds.


That is all.

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