The Ridiculous Complaints thread


My Purple people get into some weird stuff… they kinda like having their own #notforumappropriate-dungeon

They get a nice long flag, they own play place, they’re plenty happy …


Also, I like that #metoo doesn’t care about 20 characters. That’s legit. Or something.


“You have a gigantic…special!”


I think Karin Kanzaki yells “No Way!” when she was defeated in the English voices of SFV ~Shudders~

I guess they are trying to stay close to what she say in Japanese, which was “sonna~!” or more/less loosely to “how can this be!?”


I’ve often felt the dark heroes were being slighted by this…but they do have a shield on their own mini-tower AND that is a good point about the dungeon…they actually may have more floors in total, it just that they are below ground.

My Dark Heroes are appeased at this thought.


Wait!?! Do moderators not need 20 characters?!? Heck, I’ll be a moderator!

And just for fun, this is what my iPhone says a moderator looks like: :woman_judge: :man_judge:


Unfortunately, at its original length, the green flag was way too flashy next to Guinevere, so they had to shorten it.

Guinevere is always causing problems and really needs to be addressed.


I have a big complained about richard! Anybody noticed that he is smiling when fighting gem special 1 but is sad looking when finishing gem special II? Thats not quite right and demotivates me!

Please delete him from the game
Vivica is always happy


This DOES need addressed! Thank you!!!

Don’t forget to tag the mods though :wink: I’m sure they would love that :laughing:


Pfa! Mods?! They’re all corrupt and they go hand in hand with monsters from ISGILHAM. How do you explain the grass disappearing in Ruins of Skyfheim?! It’s all mods. Them and Bilderbergers.


I feel the need to complain about the flagrant disregard for the safety of my little waving digital friends in my stringhold.
As you can see in this screenshot ( yes i took a screen shot as evidence ) my digital citizen, i am calling him Fred, is clearly crossing a bridge over open fast flowing water and…
No safety rail, warning of danger signs or life bouys are present on the bridge!!!
Come in SGG, you are raking in cash, hand over fist, and you cannot afford the 30 minutes of coding time to make sure my digital citizens are safe… it is an outrage.


This is absolutely a case of pot calling the kettle black, @LSLordy

For while there may be a minor breach of safety regs in relation to the bridge, I would draw your attention to the choices of YOUR design.

An occasional invigorating dip in the river is inconsequential compared to the contamination of the entire food supply due to the industrial processing being carried out just yards away!!

‘Fred’, his neighbours and his young family are more likely to die of lead-poisoning induced tumours before worrying about a safety rail.

Get your own house in order and then we’ll discuss the bridge!


How did you know?!


Also that is my favourite fact of the day. Thanks for sharing.
I’m sure the autumn event vampires will appreciate the likeness.


You are missing a very basic fact… due to constant hero levelling, there is never any food in the food storage to be contaminated by the iron mines… and i did ask the small giant urban planning committe about zonal regulations in that area, but there reply was this…
’ your question is important to us, however our planning committe is currently busy counting all our money…’


You are so right and also another good question/complaint: where the heck coming the water?

I mean, we have our fortress on the top of a muntain without ice!


I have a number of complaints! I can only pray they are taken seriously!

  1. My farms are too full of ham:
    I have farmed in vain for vegetables and have only found fatty meats!

  2. My Tower is full of red! I insist that this stop! Red does not go with my tower decor!

  3. I demand an immediate increase in cat-themed heroes. Like, at once. :grin:


The developers have added Jack-O-Lanterns for this problem… to eat the surplus ham. If you choose to keep the farms far away from these guys, then I can only says that’s your problem :slight_smile:


No! They must anticipate my ham distribution problems! I say the dragon should come and devour my excess piggies :grin:


It’s tough cookies. Notice how it’s been hours and you haven’t had any moderators OR devs come in here to address your concerns

They might have black balled you :frowning:


What’s the benefit of fleeing? Don’t you still lose your energy?