The Ridiculous Complaints thread


I’ve been resisting posting this complaint, but I just can’t ignore a major safety issue any longer.

It’s regarding the Imperial Knights troops. Let’s ignore the fact that they appear to be readying themselves to drag their own swords through the back of their necks, because there is a much bigger concern.

From their weight distribution I can tell that they are preparing to deliver a lusty roundhouse swing in a counter-clockwise action. Now, normally this would be an excellent strategy for a finishing blow. If it weren’t for one thing:

They are standing too close to each other!

The outcome of said manoeuvre will be that the two troops in front will eviscerate their comrades at the back. The rear troops will deliver an even more devastating strike when they decapitate their brothers-in-arms in front of them!

It is easy to avoid this disastrous scenario. SG, please ask each troop to take a step to their side, away from their friend. Then one step forward for the front troops and one step back for the rear troops and they will all live to fight another day.

Please facilitate this new striking stance quickly, because I need to take the Imps into a raid soon and I don’t want to be responsible for their untimely demise.

Thank you


I’m absolutely outraged that Small Giant didn’t let @Brobb raid me.

@Brobb is one of my favourite forum personalities. I like interacting with Brobb.

After so many raids against my watchtower, shouldn’t I be guaranteed at least ONE raid opponent of my choice?

The probabilities are not fair, I want to pull @Brobb!!

Small Giant should seriously publish the odds of a @Brobb raid. I’ve spent so much money on this game and I deserve to pull @Brobb!

As compensation I DEMAND that Small Giant force Bobb to change names to Brobb so that Brobb can finally raid me.

And use up Bobb’s free rename while you are at it because Brobb is a better name anyways so there is no point changing it back.

Please ensure that every time Bobb (Brobb) re rolls in a raid, my team appears until they finally raid me.



You wuz brobbed!



Good Dam, SG. Halloween has been over for two weeks please change the loading screen back to Elena, Dick and Layla. They are beautiful people to look at, unlike these uggo vampires


You can have your Dick. I prefer Valeria.


You’re entitled to your wrong opinion but dick is far superior. Dick is the best


Please tell me we’re not all giggling like school boys over short form of Richard?! :roll_eyes:


Stop being rediculous! Or should I say rerichardulous!


We are much more maturer than that. We would never laugh over such things :rofl: :joy: :laughing:


I certainly am



Melendor is Tolkien all over, and not Rowling.


Melen is derived from mellon, Sindarin for friend.

dor is derived from the Elvish suffix for hard dry land.

So it’s Melendor = friend of hard dry land. Basically just another name that refers to a farmer, like Charles.

If Rowling had her way, Melendor would be named Charles Cupsweater or something.


< putting on my Tolkienologist’s hat >

There’s no “Elvis suffix for hard dry land”, at least in Tolkien … and if Mellon was intended, why on earth misspell it?

There’s “ndor”, meaning “land, country” (see The Letters of J R R Tolkien, #230).

And there’s “Endor” (< “ened ndor”), meaning “Middle Earth”.

Even if it had been “Mellondor”, it would mean “friend-land”. (“land of friends”? “friendly land”?)

But I guess a possible Tolkienesque reading could be “Mel-Endor”, presumably meaning “Beloved Middle-Earth”.


< Tips his hat respectfully in the presence of vastly superior knowledge >

I may have read some stuff on some websites through my eyelashes to come up with that, I admit. :wink:

So, you do at least agree that his name -is- a reference to Tolkien and not Rowling?


It could be a Tolkien reference. It needn’t be. I don’t think the word exists in Tolkien’s writings, although I could be wrong. Neither I nor the web has it all indexed.

I’m not really familiar with Rowling, sorry. But it’s my impression her characters tend to have pretty mundane names – of English, French, German, Latin, or Greek origin – and Melendor is certainly not that!


I’m tired of the people that complain about the people that complain about the complainers.

I’m also annoyed at the people that are ridiculously belligerent about the odds not working out in their favor and blasting SG for giving exactly what is promised

I don’t like that I can’t go into game settings and select god mode or type IDDQD and get the glowing eyes.

I don’t like that I can’t bribe SG to just give me gems by doing illicit things for their development staff

I don’t like that this game economy mirrors the real world economy where the rich get richer and the poor still have a fighting chance… oh, wait… no that’s not a complaint. That’s good.

wanders off


I heard Rowling is panned by critics as being “not canonical”

And that the young blood is waiting for those critics to die so that she can be inducted into canon.

Honestly I dislike that there IS a “canon” because historically, everything had been an incestuous mishmash of plagiarized rehashed nonsense that somebody made up one time.


I said it somewhere else, but Melendor is very similar sounding to Mithrandir. Aaaand given that plus their similarity in appearance, I have decreed that he is indeed Gandalf :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen “Melandor” show up as name on a bottle of german pinot noir, so who knows :crazy_face:


I suspect even that is made up. :slight_smile:

… but I’ve also seen “Melandor” as a misspelling of “Melander”, which is a mundane enough surname of German origin and Greek derivation. :wink:


My latest complaint is about the weather and in particular how it snows. The snow stays on steep roofs of stronghold etc but there is none on the flat roofs of iron storage. Don’t say they have wasted resources and heated those roofs instead of giving the locals some warm clothes…