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In my defense I don’t see how I could’ve possibly expected for someone to come along and actually read this drivel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This one is squarely on me. I should have wrote a warning at the top. Or at least offered to hand write excuses for individuals needing to call off work the next day. Let it be known in all of the lands that I will perform this service in the future, should another literate individual fall prey to our wily shenanigans.


:joy: :rofl: :joy:

I think the bigger problem he has is that eating all those Shields left him nothing with which to defend himself…


They actually had a version in Beta, but they were worried it looked too cluttered.


I want to complain about having all types of ascension mats like gloves, boots, chain shirts, rugged clothes and warm capes… But why no PANTS??

The Ridiculous Bragging thread

Can I get a sick note from Dr. Duaneski?


My Evelyn is also vegetarian and I’ve recently found her sneaking into the hero roster box and eating Horghall.

She claims Horghall is high in beta carotene and fiber.


Of course, a few more posts down and someone already used my Horghall joke…

NOW, this is a valid complaint that I’m going to escalate to SG


I’m assuming you’re using the American term for trousers, rather than the British term for underwear here.

First off, “pants” would be extremely out of place on many heroes.

For some heroes, its very insensitive to even bring the subject up, due to their conditions.

Further, pants represent a very Western clothing norm inconsistent with the dignity of many heroes.

Finally, lots of heroes just don’t enjoy them.

So Small Giant chose a much more inclusive path. Surely, everyone needs Rugged Clothes of some description…


I’d like to make a formal complaint that there’s no “troop of the month” offered. As someone who puts a small amount of time into a game that hundreds of thousands also play, I demand that a troop of the month be created or I will UNINSTALL. Yeah, that’ll show them. I’ll also take both 4* troops in all five colors as an option to show how contrite the developers are for not implementing this concept immediately.


And start a petition/poll in various places all around the forums…in multiple threads of course…to keep our moderators (@Kerridoc @Rook) on their toes! Also to get others to jump on this bandwagon…you know strength in numbers and all that jazz :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Absolutely not! I complaaaain! :joy:



Sorry. Duaneski is sick today and is unavailable to assist you. Please leave a message and we will be sure to call you back on his next business day.

For more information on his work schedule, please consult with Miriam-Webster’s “Never” division.






Damm […] cuss blade!

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Strictly speaking, I think that’s more of a demand than a complaint :face_with_monocle:

But yes, they are very shapely and alluring!


It kind of looks like a camouflage capsized boat. Are we sure it’s a blade and not an upside down boat??



Poor baby


:rofl: Not sure this qualifies as a ridiculous complaint, but is so darn cute I refuse to make a ridiculous complaint about it!