The Ridiculous Complaints thread

Because this thread about complaining, me too have a complaint.

And this is terrible. Involving illuminati to destroy your happiness.
These complaint ruining your epic hero token.

SG should put this issue on their top of the list to be fix.
I’m afraid a lot of people will going mad if this problems are not being solved in a tick of a clock.

My complaint is:
I start shooting the bats from the left area of the stronghold. I take it slowly, because I enjoyed shooting them one by one.
Until they keep on flying to the right area… Heading to the Summon Gate… I keep on tapping them until I hit the summon gate.

The summon gate is open… I can’t stop my finger tapping. I tap the event summon and tap my epic hero token.
Friar Tuck show up!

Friar smiling at me…while I’m crying on the floor.

Yo… SG, bring back my epic hero token!
I’am furious and serious. You can read from the way I write this comment.
I am angry.

Don’t you dare to make fun it’s Angry Birds!
It’s Angry Bats for the truth.

Also make those bats just flying in front of my vip’s dragon. So I can kill 'em all with the dragon’s fire.
I’m tired and so dissapoint on you. I won’t ever to kill those bats one by one anymore :triumph:



Chants “We want Smashing Pumpkins. We want Smashing Pumpkins!”


@Ericson you owe me a new Keyboard! I had a mouthful of coffee while I was reading this and I sprayed it all over my desk


Off topic but… how much is mesmering that spinning lights when it goes in loop for not having connection?



I’m so sorry bro for your coffee… Not for the keyboard :grin:

I just learning to write complaint in firm words, just like any complainer out there :wink:

Here’s for your coffee bro :coffee:

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@Duaneski Thank-you for creating this thread. Out of the hundreds (thousands?) of threads in this forum, this is truly the most important one!

I have a complaint that I truly hope our moderators @JonahTheBard and @Kerridoc read and escalate IMMEDIATELY!!!

I have read the following thread on this very forum. I am here to say it is ALL LIES!

The REAL REASON raids are unfair is SG has left our castles WIDE OPEN to be raided at any time! The below screenshots clearly show the gates on the right side of my castle grounds are left unguarded. An enemy can walk through the gates at any time and take the goodies my slaves have toiled so hard for! All other gates are guarded against resource thieves. This is a complete injustice!

In addition, my slaves can leave my castle grounds at will! This goes against the overlord/peasant edict of 1732 that clearly states digital slaves MUST remain at the command of their oppressors and cannot escape!

I DEMAND a watchtower be placed by the right-side entrance of my castle grounds to stop these injustices! I am tired of losing the resources my slaves have worked so hard for!


I have complain about Aegir, fix him please! Not because his skill, but that guy is freezing! And I found reason for that. He uses metal bra in winter and it really annoys me! Noone wants wear metal bra, when it is cold!


It’s metal loincloth that really pains…


Aaah the ancient art of cross-dressing.


He just tried to invade Russia in winter :slight_smile: :snowflake:

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New to community. I would just like to know where all the water is coming from. Seems like we’re at the summit with no water source in sight. Unless we’re just writing off as wizardry.


I’m getting real sick and tired of Richard’s lies.
I distinctly remember this volcano erupting 2 months ago.

  1. Change Drake Fong’s name back to Drake Lee. It has a better ring to it and censoring the last name “lee” isnt fooling anyone.

  2. Female lions don’t have manes. I expect a public statement confirming that Zimkitha wears a wig so you dont mislead the children E&P players about the animal kingdom. Azlar is the only lion with naturally luxurious hair in this game.

  3. Kailani is a liar! Her tagline is “sefless healer” Pssshh, she does not heal! IDK if she failed Vivica’s holy healing class and she’s still in denial but something must be done!


If Isarnia can hold it together with her bra with sleeves and Grimm and Magni can bare being topless i think Aegir can also suck it up. The cold never bothered them anyway :crazy_face:


I am so disappointed…

I finally managed to juggle all pumpkins into the air before the first one would stop spinning and did not even get the 1 gem reward for that!
This must be fixed ASAP! I will not juggle any pumpikins anymore till this has been resolved :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


The stronghold is a fake - it actually is a giant waterworks building to house a gigantic pump…


But I want to see a leprechaun juggling pumpkins… :sob:


Another day, another complaint! The Atlantis summon portal is broken.

I showed up and I said, “I will take one Athena, please.” And I handed over the funds, and the portal spit out some three star, non blue hero. (That’s not how purchases work!?)

So, I tried again, and I said, “Excuse me, portal, I think you made a mistake. I’m actually wanting to purchase a blue hero. Preferably Athena, but if you’re all out, any four star blue or higher would do. Thank you.”

I handed over my money AGAIN, and the portal was like, here’s Gato, thank you, and come again.

“Um, excuse me, while the color is correct, I did specificy four star or higher!”

At this point, the portal basically ignores me. I tried to leave a negative Amazon review, but I can’t get it to process. This seller is highly suspicious. Would not recommend.


I’ll try to leave a review on EBay too, that’ll maybe hurt them even worse because we all know no fool gonna buy from a seller with a 89% approval

This is really important we take this step too. It seems other than Jonah, the other mods just stop by to complain as well. They don’t offer solutions, explanations, nothing. They stop over, kick us in our shins, and then leave, shouting


And we all like ‘sad panda’ which seems to only incite their glee.

So, anyway I will leave a harrowing review on EBay. And then they will HAVE to address our problems.

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There are plenty of threads of complaints. There are a number of threads about complaints about complaints. Within those threads we often find complaints about the complaints about the complaints.

WHY? Why are there almost NO threads about the Complaints about the complaints about the complaints about the complaints??? If SG is deleting these threads to silence these complainers about complainers complaining about complainers complaining…



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