The Ridiculous Complaints thread

It would be the 1* most commonly used as feeder material.

Or Dawa

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When I collect a single recruit from the advanced house, why does it show an animation of several things going to my recruits pool?

Are you sending the recruit in pieces?

What is wrong with you people?


Get out of here, Nashgar! I’m trying to figure out who’s behind the evil in season 3!


Good job SG, you completely botched S3 release by not having a truly hideous hero.



"Look, we need to talk. I’ve been thinking about this for a while but…" You sit down, speaking cautiously but with a determined tone in your voice.

"It’s over, Aife." bracing yourself from the incoming shouts and screams, you continue onwards.

"Really, it’s not you - it’s me. But I really think we should spend some time apart."

Dear friends, frenemies, fellow forumers. I’m sure a similar scene has played out in your relationship with empires and puzzles as well.

There’s something seriously wrong when there are more legendary heroes than common and uncommon heroes combined; many times over.

I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t seen an Aife or Kenjiro in my raid match-up in a few days now. Why is it that common heroes are rarer than rare heroes, and much rarer than legendary heroes? I think this needs to be changed.

I’m tired of Aife and Sharan. We need new faces. I petition for new, Atlantis and Valhalla, challenge event and seasonal 1 star and 2 star heroes.

Where are all the minions in Valhalla and Atlantis?

What do you guys think? I’m sure you’ll all agree with me in that we need more variety for 1 star and 2 star heroes. Let’s vote and make this a reality!


I’ve asked for 1* and 2* HOTM for a while now. 5* are just too predictable.


Now THIS is a quality idea.
I’m imagining @Rook finally getting his 2* HoTM. Wonder how excited he would be :rofl:


“He” is a “her”. “She” would be thrilled. :grin:

Can’t you tell? :joy:


I just mindlessly watched the AI while I was autofarming Atlantis (province 14… searching for nuggets)

Anyway, the AI made three sensible, best moves in a row! Now that is totally ridiculous

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And I was just mindless reading and you made me think; what have I actually scored this Atlantis? Apparently I have picked up over 2600 recruits, 100+ bonus Atlantis coins, various sundry items AND a whopping 14 nuggets. I hadn’t realised how rare they are, I have ~300.

Quite a few similarities there :stuck_out_tongue: I dunno if others had also floated the ‘stacks’ idea :stuck_out_tongue: but dayum.

Good call going with attack buffs, though I still love that Achilles design :stuck_out_tongue: (going % vs solid amount makes sense, consistent with rest of the game)

So what’s my ridiculous complaint?! Maaaan I done designed this beech, and I’ll never even pull it?! That’s messed up SG. Help a brotha out here.


When you get flagged for gameplay questions in general chat.

I’d like 3 more capes for compensation.


You were flagged for being so Grimm. We only accept happy thoughts here.

I just went back to look at that post. This complaint really isn’t that ridiculous. :wink:

Can someone please confirm with the community, which seasonal pattern the ducks migration is tailored to?

It’s nothing but clear virtual skies, but I’m seeing a lot of migration in real life here in NC.


Graymane: Rare??!??

I just looked up the word ‘Rare’. The Oxford dictionary says: ‘not occurring very often. E.g: a rare genetic disorder’

Graymane looks like a genetic disorder but he is by no means ‘Rare’. Maybe SG meant: (of meat) lightly cooked, so that the inside is still red instead— Cause the only time Graymane’s rare is when I’m feeding him to Vela undercooked.

He’s in almost every single 10-pull summons I’ve done. SG should allow me to feed say a hundred Graymanes to one till it becomes Fenrir. Srsly.

Oh & 100 Kailanis should evolve into Leonidas or Kingston, (based on looks alone obviously).


I’m so fed up with this game. I can’t buy a win!:angry:

No, I don’t mean I keep getting bad tiles and lose all the time.
I mean I’m fed up that when I press ‘fight’ I’m not given the option to pay money to win the fight. What sort of game is this?!


I must complain about the duck hunt.


I have to wait until they get scared off by hunters before they fly?

Its just wrong

There should actually be a button to win automatically without even paying. Also a button to decimate Titans with a one-shot kill using Dawa. I believe SG is collating our valuable feedback here so just wait for the auto-win button to appear. Have faith bruh.


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