The Ridiculous Complaints thread

So…no one is going to say it?

Everyone is walking by, head down

This is some next level Emperor’s New Clothes stuff going on right here

So, I’m going to be the only one to break the deafening silence. As usual.

Merlin is purple

He’s a purple man. Not like a bit like a streaky fake tan.

He. Is. Purple.

Like Violet Beauregard purple


Everybody would become that purple after eating Aife. If you feed him with Liannas instead, he’ll get a healthier complexion. :wink: :partying_face:


I just landed my first Violet…I mean, Merlin. Probably won’t get to him for a while. Still leveling Thoth with Domitia or Proteus to follow.

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His mother believed wholeheartedly in the healing and strengthening powers of the nurple.


I would like to echo some of the complaining about ascension material drops. In my six plus months of playing this game, I’ve gotten on magic orb. It is a 3 star ascension material. I’ve had more 4 star ascension material drops in that time. What gives? Why are the developers so against players being able to fully ascend their 4 and 5 star heroes? I am honestly considering deleting this game because of it. I keep getting stuck for weeks or months because I can’t continue to upgrade my heroes. It’s irritating and ridiculous.

Another issue I’d like to complain about has to do with raids. I often run into raids where my heroes seem to be doing less damage than usual, and I often get beat by teams that are well below my team power, and not just by a little bit. Like sometimes I cannot build enough manna to do any specials thanks to the board being stacked against me and a team that is 200 - 400 team power below me just obliterates me. How does this happen?

Hi @Avvist

This thread is for ridiculous complaints - things that are too silly to be real problems

Or for exaggerated entitlement, surreal experience and complete nonsense

You sound like you have real complaints, which are Off-Topic here

You may be interested in


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Not ridiculous (or original) enough for here, I’m afraid.

Which leads to an example:

You obviously haven’t read through this thread closely enough as you would realize any AM drop rate complaints in here are about how they’re ridiculously high for a day or three.


In the Raid Arena (and Wars too), Team Power is only a barometer for success but hardly full-proof. RNG plays a part in tile configuration, but your hero selection is in your control. Understanding which heroes work best against other certain heroes, the balance between number of passive and aggressive heroes to match. It all plays a part.

This is

Too Sensible

I expect better of you, Moth

Do something silly, quick!


You gave the wrong links, @JonahTheBard

this is the correct one to give @Avvist:

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The best way to ridiculously set up your team is to randomly choose the heroes based on what colour clashes the most with the opposing team! Let RNG rule all!


Utter. Rubbish.

Only heroes who’s Power Level is a prime number are worth taking.

This means the server can’t disnumerate their remaining HP and mana and therefore target them.

Only an idiot would do otherwise.


Now that’s better. You were skirting dangerously towards the sensible yourself with your first response to @Avvist.

Lol… mighty right :slight_smile: Couldn’t find a better pic myself.


Sorry guys. I realize I’m on the wrong forum. Trying to find the right one, and still trying to figure out where the button is to actually start a new thread. lol

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There’s one top right of the categories page.

Edit: although, it would be ridiculous to not search first and avoid the mods having to merge :grin:

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I am dismayed by the fact I can’t complete S2 on hard with a team of mono-Aifes. This team should be one-shot killing any and all opponents with one tile!


Wait whut?
Is there any other way than to push the button ‘autofill’ to get a team in the field?
But but but how???


I am upset because of the fact that there are not more missions.
Oh this doesn’t sound like a ridiculous complaint? read on.

Your monkeys, Your circus
Possess 20 monkeys on your roster (Wu Kong, Hou)
Reward: Wu Kong Organ-Grinder Costume (-45% hit rate, removes all game sound except for organ-grinder music)

Panda Express
Have all 3 Pandas maxed +20 talents
(Sha Ji, Gan Ju, Hu Tao)
Reward: Baby Panda Avatar, Bamboo Pin

Big Boned
Beat the dark lord with 5 maxed Friar Tuck
Reward: Ham pin for avatar

Alligators in the Sewers
Beat Ursena with 5 Gato
Reward: re-skin Atlantis to look at the underground sewer network

Ugh! Teenagers!
Get the killshot on a nature titan using only Zimkitha and Azlar.
Reward: Goth-costume for Zimkitha that gives +200 attack but 40% chance of silence on special because she doesn’t “feel like doing anything and her soul weeps”

Knife to a Crossbow fight
Kill 100 Leonidas with Domitia
Reward: When using Domitia +20 attack vs all holy heroes armed with melee-weapons

Getting the band back together
Do 200k titan damage with Goth Zimkitha and Costumed Tiburtus
Reward: Game music changes to 80’s goth playlist


Definitely should be a thing!


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