The Ridiculous Complaints thread

I believe that would be ‘Wu Hu’ :laughing:

That’s actually become a running joke in our alliance. One of our alliance mates forbad me to say that stupid monkeys name until he pulled him. Thus started the habit of yelling ‘Wu Hu!’ in chat when something good happened.

Besides, it’s very E&P-ish. :grimacing:


That reminds me of another commercial I keep seeing where some lady yells “woohoo” about a catheter.

Yes, I watch OTA (over the air) channels. No cable here because I never pull a show I like so why pay for it.

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Right kids, I don’t know if it’s been lost in translation but where I come from if something’s “uncommon” it means you ain’t staring at it dozens of times a week.

So Olaf and his squiffy trousers aren’t ‘uncommon’ cos that would be like saying blondes are uncommon. Ok, there’s slightly fewer of us than brunettes but in my neck of woods I still expect to see a lot of fair haired people every day.

I don’t what into the office and day ‘Guess what gang, an uncommon event has occurred this very morn, for just now, not 100 yards from this very office, I saw a bloke with blonde hair’

So, what I’m driving at is, right, 2* ain’t uncommon.

I therefore suggest the following reclassification.

1* - So Common it Makes you Sick

2* - So Common it Makes your Eyeballs Hurt, but not as Bad as the First Lot

3* - Rare. If emerging from Every TC20 and Epic Token means Rare. Not Like a Sumatran Tiger or Anything.

4* - Epic Sometimes. Unless You’ve Got One or You Spent Real Money.

5* - Legendary. But only Like That Guy Who Drank So Much He Jumped in a Skip is called Dave The Legend. I Mean Not Like The Loch Ness Monster Or The Real King Arthur.

I think this would clarify the matter and lead to better expectation management.


J the B


I was talking about this guy

Not this guy

But it works either way, just sounds a bit different with a slightly different meaning…


18 tokens to springvale gate, Jacky O, Gormie and a bunch of dupes. Was heading for Master Lepus and became master of dupos…

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Dear E&P Playerbase:

For years you have kept the defenseless citizens of Isgilham safe from the ravages of packs of frost wolves, the depredation of wilderfrost scouts, and the fearsome yetis that frequent our lands. Daily your valiant heroes trekked out on the tundra and kept these terrors in check. Our tavern-keepers have also enjoyed the regular custom of weary, thirsty heroes returning from their brave duties.

Mysteriously over the past week, however, the visitors to our fair, albeit chilly, lands have greatly dwindled. Reports from the shires increase daily: a barn looted by a band of scouts in the westfold; lambs slain by frost wolves in the pastures neat the old well; even an outlandish report of twins kidnapped from their cribs by a pair of yeti. Of greatest concern, our brewers’ inventories grow rapidly, and barrel storage is at a premium.

Only you can save us, dear players. Please return swiftly to Isgilham!

With the greatest respect and urgency,
The Isgiliham Brewers Guild



To the management of the Isgilham Brewer’s guild.

I am quite afraid return is currently impossible due to an unfilled order for 10million kegs of your cheapest ale. It seems certain dwarven twins have taken a liking to it. Apparently one even swears the stuff is “Nectar of the gods” unfortunately we cannot return for fear of our dwarven friend losing his temper and as such a few hundred yetis are unfortunately not a large concern. A discount of approximately 75 percent and an imported sword of Damascus as some call them would be sufficient for preventing the potential damage done to our friends feelings. Until such time the frost wolves may continue to run, but they are preferred to our friend’s wrath.

Hope to see the Isgilham related quest return in the future.


Thanks for this informative guide to Hu’s Hou in the world of unloved holy heroes!


They do have a certain hue to them.

Who are you? Hu Hou, Hu Hou


Poor Gregorion feels your pain.

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Quite a bargain! Love it!


LOL um okay let me clarify… I also laugh at those commercials, because I can’t imagine owning a car and not being able to afford insurance. I own a car and I can afford insurance, and I can afford to pay my bills, and occasionally buy gem deals here and there, I just can’t imagine spending thousands of dollars on microtransactions. Maybe I am a dolt for downloading a free cell phone game when I can’t afford to spend a thousand dollars a month buying “loot chests” that may or may not have the tiny pixelated hero I so desperately want. And even if I could afford to, I don’t think I would. If that makes me a dolt, then I guess I am a dolt. :slightly_smiling_face:


Umm, I apologize if my ridiculous reply to your ridiculous complaint touched a nerve.


No it didn’t, I posted that complaint in this thread on purpose, it wasn’t really an actual complaint. I just can’t fathom spending that much money on a gacha game, and I wasn’t sure what was more ridiculous: spending ridiculous amounts of money on a game, or thinking it’s ridiculous for people to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a game. Either way, I figured it would be most appropriate to post that ridiculous conundrum in the ridiculous complaints thread. I apologize if I was being ridiculous in my ridiculous complaint and furthered my ridiculousness with a ridiculous reply to your ridiculous reply to my ridiculous complaint. I shall hereby attempt to refrain from any further ridiculousness (though I can’t make any promises because I have a penchant for the ridiculousness).


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
No, I asked you first.


Typically Hou’s on first. Unless you’re lucky enough to pull Hu first. In which case Hou is second, though typically you should always put Hou on Hu, unless you pull Wu. In which case you should probably put Hou on Wu instead of Hu, but that’s really up to you.


The Mysterious Tonic looks like a Christmas bauble! It’s confusing receiving such a bauble from a spring event, especially since this so called spring event is taking place during autumn and gale force winds blew the screens of my windows yesterday.

I now have a christmassy-springy-shouldn’t it be Halloween-soon-sort of feeling. Upsetting!


My vip dragon seems to be pregnant or sth like that. He laid several colored eggs in my strongholds garden. I’m afraid what will hatch from those eggs, since I don’t know who was involved in the ‘egg production’. Hopefully it wasn’t this needy farmer of Windemer.



And what’s the issue? Getting a Christmas present in April?
That’s better than never, and more than what Hanukkah or Kwanzaa got.


I wouldn’t say I consider it a present more than I consider my paycheck one… that was some hard work lady! And besides, being gifted a bauble for Christmas is about as exciting as receiving an Easter egg filled with feathers. Now that would be ridiculous.


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