The Ridiculous Complaints thread



I was reading back through RCT history this morning, and I just discovered that Rook posted this in October, and the very next HOTM, in November, was Zimkitha. Has SG secretly been reading and addressing ridiculous complaints all along?





This is a common misconception, based on a rumor started by the Danzaburo fan club. In point of fact, he’s a badger with a diaper and a drinking problem.

I see a humpty dumpty, no nipples, but his eyes… and he is wearing a silly mascot hat of a drunken badger. More proof: i’ve never seen a belly button being sad :):frowning_face:


I’d like to complain about my peons. Clearly each and every one of them are deaf or mute. You tap on them and all they can do is wave. Never, and I mean Never, do they say “Good day my lord. How may I serve you?”. Not a single one of those smug buggers. They wave and that’s it!

They should greet me. And then ask what they can do for their guardian and keeper. I am training a massive amount of heroes to protect their homes and businesses. The least they should do is respond and then march to the nearest mine or farm or whatever and speed up production!

I demand this be remedied!

Also, there should be a spotter on my towers to protect my castle from wayward geese! Have you ever seen the minefield of goose droppings they leave behind? Dirty birds!! My spotter should call out the incoming flock and my archers should take them out! As part of thinning of the flock, they should have an increased chance at boosting their skills. Tis only fair as they are practicing their craft!!

This should be implemented immediately as well!


Funny, I always thought the agony was the primary feature of this game.


Actually, in a weird inversion of reality the “serious” complaints threads are just too ridiculous to take seriously while our beloved Ridiculous Complaints Thread is a legitimate source of complaints that the devs actually seriously address (however briefly, eg. flag size issue).


This had me snorting coffee out my nose.
:notes:Forgive me Delilah I just couldn’t take any more


What? Since when did danzaburo have nipples?


Again we’re getting 18+. @Kerridoc you started this mess about nipple. Please stop this nipplegate now and forever.

Btw since this has become 18+ why aren’t the woman topless? :slight_smile:


Only when Men start to be “trousersless” first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m with you. Just don’t get mok arr and gobbler mating please


Still got your pants on?


And THIS is worth complaining.

Honestly, as a woman obsessed with hot men, this would be a huge, HUGE step in video game history.
Especially since other gacha games are either ‘both men and women are here, but only the latter are really hot’, ‘only cute/hot girls’, or licensed games, or a combination of these.


Check this out :joy::joy:


Fake news! I’m not the prime mover of Nipplegate but only an undicted Co-conspirator.


I do. Zeline doesn’t.


And that’s bad too, because it’s just not ‘hot’ enough.
This also applies to Athena. And maybe Hel.

Speaking of these three, we have Celestials of Darkness, Ice and later Nature, but still no Fire or Holy ? Come on SG, it’s been an incomplete list since last February !


There’s a recent discussion about this:

And @StaceyTurner77 suggested some possible ideas, maybe you should collaborate and post something in #ideas-feature-requests :slight_smile:


Not a mod, but I imagine this is what they would say:

we’re veering on actual topic. Please try to remain off-topic.


Is the fact we have to wait for ANYTHING, including alerts such as this one, a ridiculous complain?