The Ridiculous Complaints thread




Following your logic, why do the windmills go round???

Seriously Small Giant Games, is it too much to expect one flaccid red flag to flutter???


You don’t need very strong winds to make the windmills turn. In fact, strong winds are probably detrimental to the windmills.



Sorry, my bad,
I have never lived in a windmill, so i am unable to understand the unspeakable dangers of a light breeze to windmills…

Really then, in the real world, it seems very remiss of people to build windmills on top of hills like they do.


@LSLordy, you may wish to query Don Quixote about his knowledge of windmills.


I cannot pull from Atlantis this month. I don’t want a 5th Delilah.


I believe we are now due for several thousand posts from @Kerridoc, most of which will be “Dawa.”*

*Helpful advice for everyone else, as a reminder:


That seems prudent — Samson has troubles with even one.


I must confess I did :wink:

However, since I don’t have Merlin I had to resort to the 7DD Hero roster page.


Lmao i wanna watch that movie again now


I was F2P for my first seven months and my line 5* was Thorne I got month 1 when I had no clue he was the worst 5* out there.

That changed when VIP was offered. That month I managed to to open up to buying gems. I did 3X10 and pulled 4 Delilahs and no other 5*, two of them on my last 10x. I’ve been lucky on HOTM ever since.


That’s awesome @Kerridoc:rofl:



Dear SG, dear fellow players,
it has been recently brought to my attention (how did I miss this all this time?) that luck is not equal for all!

This is RIDICULOUS! I demand that Lady Luck become an equal opportunity goddess. Everyone should be lucky all the time! Right away! ASAP!


Dear SG,

I took 60 summons this Atlantis round and got no single 5 star hero. Worst thing is - I realize it is my bad luck and I have only myself to blame.

This is ridiculous that I can’t blame you SG for my bad luck. There’s literally nothing you could have done to make my luck better than other players’ and i find it DISGUSTING.

I really hope next month I will be able to blame you or I QUIT.


Off topic but when I was little child this silently bothered me about Aladdin. Especially since in other Disney movies where shirtless men were running around (ex hercules, tarzan) they would have nipples.

Why are you copying Disney’s weird mistakes E&P


This seems to have awakened some bizarre fetish in me. Now when I see a male hero with no shirt I HAVE to look.

And guess what? Most of them have no nipples. Magni: pecs, no nipples. Azlar, Tarlak, BT, Joon, Vlad - nope.

Weirdly, Obakan and Danzaburo do.


You got me looking… And… are those piercings on Proteus?? And Kerridoc, i mean, Wilbur has only one… :slight_smile:


And what’s with Danzaburo anyway? I get he’s some kind of Japanese trickster god but every time I see him my first thought is “Awww cute, he’s holding a baby bottle”.


And THIS is why a redesign is needed.
Alternate costumes maybe ?


This is a common misconception, based on a rumor started by the Danzaburo fan club. In point of fact, he’s a badger with a diaper and a drinking problem.

My main complaint about this it’s glamorizing alcohol consumption for children. I mean, what kid wouldn’t want to be a drunken Badger given the chance? The results are as predictable as they are tragic:


(Note for our non American forum-dwellers: the mascot of the University of Wisconsin is the badger)


badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger


badger badger badger badger badger badger badger badger

Oh great! Now that’s stuck in my head…