The Ridiculous Complaints thread

Such a gracious host!

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Oh for the love of Pete!

Who’s Pete you say? Ummm, short for Peters? Or short for Petri? Or perhaps I have an unknown sixth sense into what the future holds for future Hotms? I know…perish that thought :rofl:.

Anywho, I got “slightly” off track there. Now, where was I???

Oh yes!!!

Today’s topic of the month (is there such a thing, I don’t know but I guess there is now) is “Raids Suck” - well , I never knew they sucked? Did you? And what does a raid suck? The heroes that I hoped and dreamt for all my life but only got another 4*? Or, does it in fact mean that whilst raiding you don’t “kill” the enemy but in actual fact “suck the life” out of them?

“Raids are Unfair” - well yes they are! The reason? I hear you ask, is that they’re played in the Gold, Platinum, Diamond Arena’s and NOT at a Fair! So yes, they are Un-Fair.

“Thank You for Ignoring Us” - you’re welcome! However, I’d suggest not thanking me as I’m ignoring you…so talk to the :raised_hand: coz the :ear:ain’t listening.

I do hope I’ve cleared a few things up for you, however if not then please write a note. Give it me, I’ll pass it on to the Pilot to throw out the window.

You’re welcome :grin:


I wish to complain.
Since the Ridiculous complaints thread hit 1000 replies, there has been a rash of wanna be copy cat threads, all over using the ridiculous thread…

Such as the ‘ridiculous bragging’ thread and the ‘trials of fortitude are ridiculous’ thread.

Imitation is not a form of flattery, it is an indicator of a lack of any original thought. It is the indicator of insecurity, copying something successful for their own success.


I think the moderators should close any other thread with the word ‘ridiculous’ in it’s title, or merge them immediately with this thread.

I also wish to complain about the communities inability to spell ridiculous correctly in these other imposter threads. I mean i have seen double i’s (ridiclous), a complete removal of u’s (ridicilos) or even a complete denial of the ‘c’ (ridilious).

It is making my eye’s hurt, please bring an end to the madness of over using misspelt ridiculousness.


The Lord has Spoken !
20 characters


Believe it or not, there is actually already an #ideas-feature-requests thread with the title “Assigned Spoofs Are Ridiculous And Poorly Distributed.”

So apparently you’re not alone in noticing this issue. I just really wonder: who’s in charge of assigning spoofs?


Had to look that one up to find out what “spoofs” referred to. :face_with_monocle:

Spoofs, spoils, booty all in one post…guess we need to update The Fictionary.


I must complain that

Is getting so much attention now.
Its just ridiculous!


And I MUST complain that its so ridiculous that LSLordy has beaten me with the complaning about the ridicolousness of threads like

I am so ridiculously upset at @LSLordy


Thank you for pointing out this glorious thread. Because of your dedication to complaining, I now have an additional location to spew my unoriginal content. My ego can fully blossom into the full insecure narcissist that it is! Now, isn’t that ridiculooos…rediculis…rididolous…or however we are butchering the locution today.

Many thanks,


eye no issnt it redikulus


You almost sound like a cockney there @General_Confusion
… only almost, mind


As for ACTUAL complaints…
Why can’t I upgrade my 1* Heroes (e.g. Aife, Derric) into AT LEAST 2*, yet alone 5* ? And what’s the rationale behind no one being able to be upgraded into the next tier ?
Conversely, why aren’t there any lower-tiered variants of existing 2* onward Heroes yet ? Does that mean 5* Heroes such as Elena, Richard, Vivica, Thorne, Lianna, Sartana, Justice, any HOTM Hero, etc. have always been 5* since the beginning of their lives ?


I agree, feeding a hero to itself should raise the resulting hero one star - a “super” hero if you like. Of course then I could feed all those hundreds of Derricks to himself and have a 200* hero. Now THAT my friends is a Sherman Tank.

But only for 1* heroes. We don’t need 200* Thornes :wink:


Don’t worry there’s far more to complain about than to brag about in this game. Just look at the reply ratio between the two.

I must complain about revenge raids. I am a petty person and I take great pleasure in revenge raids. But how can I satisfy my pettiness if I cannot revenge the revenge raid? SG should make this happen because they’d make money off of petty people buying raid flasks to revenge the revenge of the revenge of the revenge, and so on and so other in a never ending cycle of petty revenge. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I MUST complain that I do not have the time nor patience to dissect this thread, all 1167 comments of it, to find the original poster about revenging the flop of a raid. I do commend @modivata for providing a solution to the complaint. In fact, a new flasking system could be developed just for this. Petty flasks only recharge once per day, but for the low low price of your soul, you’ll be allowed a second.


Conducts metaphysical teleportation to transdimensional plane of existence…

…and clicks search button…

@Hrairoo this, perhaps?



20 Likes and Sonya!


I think it was Hawkemoon. She looks like those boys

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I want to complain about the new suggested topic feature: by showing the last post’s timer we are preventing the growth of one of my favourite class, the necromancer, and his rite of post’s resurrection :stuck_out_tongue:


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