The Ridiculous Bragging thread


Wow, nicely done! :trophy::crossed_swords:


Just defeated a titan with bonus prize and BOOM got mystic rings :sunny: - and with B prize level too.

Only need 15 more now. That’s the problem with pulling 3 5* reds in one month from TC20.


Very nice!

Look on the bright side: you’re going to feel great when they’re all leveled up. Not this year, but soon.


I was just thinking that when reading about Radar1 reaching #1 after almost exactly one year (which would mean he’s been playing about a month longer than me). I’m going to need at least an extra year for that mission.


This titan hit! And Wu Kong was not in the party.


After days with my maximum of cups being 1199, I FINALLY reached the Gold arena with my 3-sniper team!

Sadly, it didn’t last… :cry:


I got a 4* troop i didn’t have!!! This greatly helps my yellow titan team! Especially attached to this, who i just finished!

Then i get hits like this!

Also, i went ahead and did this! I figured she was ready, i might as well stop messing around and just give her the rings. My first 5* in the last ascension!


I managed to time my Hero making timer with my Monster chest one. :grin::grin::grin:

(Hey, isn’t it called the ‘Ridiculous Bragging’ thread?)


I was in bad raid situation today…

But my MN revive all my team, minions help them survive Zim attack and Rigard was ready :grin:(Guin with Magni flank)


I just pulled her out of Elemental summons! I didn’t need another Wizard, but I did need another purple project!!!


Hit #16 global for about 2 seconds this evening. It’s not my goal of #1 for 1 second, but it’s close :rofl:


My first rainbow emblem team:

Nice rank @LadySuzanne


It’s raining and I have to play E&P.


Your team makes me come in mind the D&D term “save or suck”


I’d pull a better team if i could lol


Did you need any items in nature quest?


I think what he’s meaning is that you’re all about nasty status effects that the enemy has no way to counter :slight_smile:


Avalon … got KA in first 10x …then said to self… I got this. Several 10x later… nadda…
Had enough left for a single pull and BOOM got my Guin!

Cheers : )


Not that this milestone is particularly significant, but first Level 12 4* troop!


I didnt.

Athena, alasie, alby, lianna, zim rocked it out