The Ridiculous Bragging thread

Today TC20 gifted me Khagan. That means after over 3 years or regular play I finally have a copy of every vanilla 5*. He also has benefit to me I think so he’ll be leveled.

The collector in me is thrilled. The optimist in me is about ready to retire though when thinking of HA’s benefit for the foreseeable future ….



Congrats on completing your S1 5* collection, Muchacho! :+1::+1:

Despite months passing (:sweat_smile:), I still have hope that your next Costume Chamber could be a lucky one. HA10 is a weekly chance too. :pray::pray::pray::pray:


I cannot kill my inner optimist. I have no idea how it is still alive. Maybe pulling Heimdall on a single coin pull and a couple such events during my almost 3 years of play?

Prop up your optimist! You have already had some nice results from HA10, right? Something to recall in dire straits…


Actually, I think it’s way better to be a pessimist. If you expect the game to give you nothing but 3* heroes and bad boards, then everything extra becomes a bonus and you won’t ever be disappointed :smiley:


I think so too, hence my attempts to kill it.


In all honesty, I think if we didn’t have a little, low-voice optimistic core in ourselves, we’d stop playing. You need to be able to expect at least something good sometimes, otherwise why to continue? So this little core, just cultivate it. Don’t let it trump your inner pessimist (= your inner realist), but let it live. If it dies, you quit.

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So I’ve been ranked number 2 before. This is from March of 2019. I look at the defense and I squirm - I don’t remember being at that point. And I must had done something bad as it looks like I’m sporting an “avatar of shame.”

Well, I finally topped it and landed number 1. Yes I raid, but typically only my flags. I have 160+ blue flasks that just sit. So if I ever want to use one, it’s no problem. This night, I started high and was successful on some raids. So I kept going. Had a few losses along the way but came back. And I got this nice image as my reward.

That defense looks a bit better. And I’m sporting my typical jackass avatar. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I have been playing for a year and nine months, so far. Raising heroes, especially legendary ones, is such a grind to endure in the game.

So, I am really proud that I just finished leveling my 20th 5* hero this week. (I usually do colour-feeding)

Aside from the 20 5* heroes, I also have fully leveled 44 4* heroes and 32 3* heroes. Primary mana troops are also at levels 22-23, except purple mana troop at level 13 so far because I only got it recently, LOL. Good progress, I guess. :laughing:

I am just proud that I have made it this far. Hoping that I would still enjoy the game in the months/years to come, despite it being too fast-paced lately.


CLASSIC pic because dators in it hahah 1pt left that’s crazy.

Defense held against a 4800+ team… :blush:

Bonus : Snatching victory from the Jaws of defeat :joy:


Brynhild + Krampus FTW!


Frustrated by Halloween pulls, decided to release stress by raiding my way to the top :ghost:
Started at 2700 cups and used 3 raid flasks :blush:


Awesome! Bragging rights for sure at #1!

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New one and two for me… Gonna lose alot of cups when I next log on…


Perfect for halloween, Candy saves the day


Omg I’m ready for the dark aether omega quest now

I’ve had a very cool last 4 days. Nemo on a single and Elena retrained into GM. GM has been my most wanted hero for sometime.


Was first time best attacker in my new alliance. They are really really good, so I needed a bit of luck.

Happy bragging :slight_smile:


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