The Ridiculous Bragging thread

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To see constant 0s from the opponent’s team was so satisfying. This team caused 19 flags before it got taken down the second time. Our guild may not win this match, but this is a personal best for me


I figure there are only a couple of places to post this and share with like minded individuals so here goes…
I pulled Thor last night in Valhalla and had enough food crates, ascension mats, and banked heroes to fully level him and put a couple of emblems on him within a few hours…
first time to do a power leveling like that. probably the last too lol. But felt good cause I took Thor out to play right away without having to wait to build him up.
and from my initial playing he is a pretty awesome hero.


Finally got a titan hit above 100k

Team used:

Facing nine star reare Harpy


Breached top 1,000 in world for raids and 5th in my country without really trying so yays! I’m proud of my defence here, it’s keeping me in diamond with ease :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! You’ve got a great team there. Hope you continue to have great luck with it.

Edit: how many raids do you make a day?

…and a little bit older.


Took many tries and many flasks but I finally did it!!!

Global #1 :smiley:


CONGRATS! Feels great doesn’t it?

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Thanks! :smiley:

It does! I tried a few times over the past few months actually and lost steam every other time once I got to #2 or #3. This has been on my E and P bucket list for a while so feels good to finally check it off!


Don’t know it I should be bragging or not but my phone the ultimate champion, it has transcended to its own nirvana. I put my phone in my pocket for 10 mins, managed to do a 10 pulls on the daily portal. Keep in mind I wasn’t even on the daily portals page, not even close to any portals, was at my roster. I’m not even that mad because this ■■■■ has happened all the time, but never at this level before. Speechless and tbh actually kinda impressed by this feat.

Some days the game just loves you.

All from today…


All in one day? That is some good loot.

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All today…crazy good. Best day of loot I think I’ve ever had

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I know it’s not the best team and will change after my current leveling project, but I have a D team over 4400:

Every 100 TP higher feels like a milestone these days :laughing:


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…and 3 summons later…GARNET! SUPER stoked!


Not to be outdone by the fancy-schmancy Frostmarch quest today, my regular old monster chest just decided to drop a scope of its own!

Raffale did an icy little fist pump, as this and Frostmarch were scopes five and six. After I finish the Krampus beast, I have my next blue project, and then I will have a decent landing spot for my stash of monk emblems.




A little late…but from the Christmas Pull thread. I had saved up 100 EHT and about 50k in gems (from Google Survey and Bing Rewards) and did 4 10x pulls to get the last group. Also pulled a 2nd Krampus but forgot to take a pic of that pull.


Was lookin for a thread on this… pulling 2 consecutive 5* from tc20… although is it realy so lucky if they are both dupes?

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