The Ridiculous Bragging thread

Can I get a “nice”?



20 great jobs, yo

This was just my latest grab in a really sick lucky streak…

Last Saturday HA10 finally gave me Marjana, one of the two heroes I still wanted to get from S1. Then a 10 pull on costume chamber gave me Lianna’s costume. The next day I got two 3* troops on daily summon. Thought I should test my luck and used an EHT - gave me Marjana #2. Later that day I checked my roster and found surprisingly a new Azlar in my roster. Must have accidently made a single elemental summon in my pocket or so. But happy the gems weren’t totally wasted, as I needed a new feeder for HA10. On first day of valhalla I made six coin pulls and got Zulag. Now I just bought one of today’s offers and made two pulls: Second Almur and Gefjon!. Now I need such a streak an AMs to ascend them all. But have to mention that on the first half of this month I got eight 4* AMs, five from titans and 3 from chests. One titan even gave me two. Think this was my luckiest month since I started playing the game… Maybe because it’s my 2 year anniversary month :wink:


Three summons later…

And a tabard from the ascension chest…


I hate you! :rage:
:rofl: Not really.
:thinking: Maybe a little bit…
Congrats! :+1:


i’m still stunned - broke 120k on a 8* Titan - previously broke 100k only on a 3*!

my Yellows + Isarnia are really killing it. just hope i haven’t used all my luck yet


When my mono purp team is on…IT’S ON.


Extremely lucky regular monster chest. Together with Frostmarch, that’s two scopes in about 12 hours. Isarnia, if you’re coming, you’ve got about two weeks to show up. Raffale proved his worth on a late war team today, and he’s trained his creepy blue eyes on the scope at the end of PoV (my sixth).


Highest titan hit so far…


I guess she heard me.


I rarely have anything worthy of a brag but today I broke 3k for the first time and hit a career high of 4th.

So I’ll park this one here and bask in the glories I’m sure you will all give me :joy: :joy:

Edit…this was just before my last final hit where I got to 3023…but what goes up…


Congrats man! That’s huge!

Said the Actress to the Bishop…


Last day of the tournament 3 lives down needed this win :sweat_smile:


I passed 10,000 raid victories today.


WOW! How long have you been playing, @Chodaboy?

I’ve been playing around 2 years now.

Boom Stonecleave, boom By-Ulf, boom Berden

There is no positive thing on this game. My last 5* hero was from months ago.

At least Berden is fast mana :slight_smile:

I made a small joke recently on my alliance chat forum about how Carver was really up to the job of fighting and defending and how, really…he was an all round good guy. So the next time I summoned with great enthusiasm using an epic hero token who do you think I got? BOOM… Carver! Then i spent 100 Valhalla coins in the hope of getting a truly stunningly stupendous 4 or 5* character but I couldn’t have been more happy when…yes, you guessed it. BOOM…
Carver again. As I communicated to my fellow earthswhile alliance comrades…the game is listening folks…

Thanksgiving Summon results . My best pulls ever

My greatest pull


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