The Ridiculous Bragging thread


Well this was a nice RNG Surprise:


So a few hours ago, Mystical Vision gave me an Epic Hero Token. I used it, and BAM! Kiril, my second ever 4* Hero and first healer better than Sha Ji.
I spared some Blue Trainer Heroes, one 2* and two 1*, and the first 1* fed raised the brewer’s skill by one off the bat!


Have saved over 7500gems… F2P


Right on! I’ve never had a problem with the drop rates from the summons. All the “extremely bad luckers” might think that’s bragging


So you should post us the line before the stage to show us the levels … so non like me comes and say why are you braging … happy for ya mate :grin:


Made 2500 cups for the first time ever, beating several 4k teams with my mostly semi-levelled 3-3.2k teams. Pretty happy about that!


Nice, but don’t be disappointed, if you’ll get raided extremely often when offline next time. That happens to me all the time when I beat my own cup record.


Thanks and yeah, I know I’m gonna get smashed lol. I just play for the fun and use it as a bit of a guide to my growth in the game, wasn’t long ago I couldn’t scratch a 4k team, now I’m beating them regularly


First ten pull I did. Glad I got it out of the way early this month…


Got a troop token from my diamond raid chest and…

…BOOM! Purple 4* troop; the last one I was missing to complete my 4* rainbow troop team :blush:

Now I just gotta get a yellow and green crit troops, and a purple mana troop, and I’ll have the whole set :smirk:


I just recently finally got a 4* red troop to complete the rainbow. Had the other four for about 4-5 months.

Only one mana troop though :frowning:


Titan chest gave me an Epic Hero Token. I never save those, just popped it immediately.

Boldtusk + Kunchen. :slight_smile: Woot! My second-ever 5* hero (the other is Lianna). Onward and upward!


@Toshey, fun idea for a thread, thanks for getting the ball rolling! :smile:

So, I want to brag a 'lil … For the first time ever, I went 6 for 6 with my War flags - I had some great boards with my X, Y, and Z teams, but each enemy I hit was a full lineup, no cleanup duty, and the weakest team I took on was 3127 TP!

Set a new personal best for my War score:

Again, thanks for giving me a place to brag about it!


Not a personal best (and not as good as @Tima did :slight_smile:). But I did top my Alliance’s scoreboard, which is a first for me. Plus, we won!



I pulled Guin on my first (only) ten pull during Avalon event.

Stopped spending for a while…

My next legendary was Onatel with 300 Atlantis tokens.


Having diligently worked on my roster to get a solid core of 4* and 3* heroes, I’ve finally been working on leveling my 5* heroes recently too.

And today I celebrate my first ever final ascension of a 5*!


nice, congrats!! what’s your main team?



My Defense Team hasn’t been a priority for me, I’ve focused on Titan teams to increase my mat rolls, and helping my alliance keep up with 8* titans so a good chunk of the alliance is getting Tier 9 loot or above.

I’ve varied up my Defense Team a bunch of times recently, and for the most part it makes little difference — I end up hovering in mid-Platinum any which way. Currently it’s set to Grimm 4-70, Proteus 4-70+1 (sitting on emblems while I decide path), Boldtusk 4-70+2, Leonidas 3-70, Evelyn 4-7. I raid my way into low Diamond fairly regularly, but the Defense never holds it.

For my main PVE team, I use Boldtusk, Wilbur 4-70+3, Melendor, Proteus, and Rigard 4-70 a lot, especially for Season 2 Hard and Rare Quests. Lots of healing plus Proteus makes most things a breeze.

For Raid Attack, I take Proteus and Rigard along all the time, along with a varied 3-stack, depending on tank and/or flanks; or for yellow tanks I add Tiburtus and bring along a 2-stack that’s strong or neutral against both flanks.


I’m playing almost one year and today

Finally :grin:


Congratulations! That’s awesome.