The Ridiculous Bragging thread


seriously though, I’m the same. I don’t mind people raiding me too much – but what really gets me is if I cannot revenge back.

On the opposite extreme, I don’t mind if people revenge ME for raiding them, fair is fair after all :slight_smile:

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Nah, I never got much of anything from my raid chests anyway. I used to fill them twice a day, but only because I was hoping they’d respawn as elementals.

As for “raids I’m pretty sure I can win”? LOL. I don’t know if this is “game working as intended” or not, but I find I actually have better odds of winning when I attack teams that I shouldn’t be able to beat. Just did a few revenge raids now after seeing that my girlfriend once again passed my trophy count.

Lost the ones that I thought I could win. Won the ones that I thought I was going to lose. Came out about 50 cups ahead in the end, but… gave a ton away to peeps with slightly weaker teams than mine in the process. All good though, because I still managed to steal enough back from the stronger guys to make up for it. :grin: Circle of life, we’re all just trading trophies back and forth here.

And actually I never put Wu on defense. Offense only. Defensively, I go with good old reliable Li Xiu.


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…and a little bit older.


Here is my brag of the day. :wink: 2 EHT pulls.


Not fighting 14* titans for a long time, but today I managed a new all time record :slight_smile:


Randomness at its finest

Ok… don’t know what to say except showing this screenshots :grimacing:

Raid chest yesterday

Raid chest today

Mystic vision today

Regular chest a few minutes ago…

Maybe i’ll take all this into account next time when I will get nothing from a few 10x pulls


That´s trully amazing! Congrats! :partying_face:


I’m doing another raid chest in an hour, so we’ll see if it is all over :laughing:

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Anyone want to play a game of “Guess Who I Fought”?? :wink: Check out these ridiculous buffs!


Hatter is so much fun, heh heh. :wink:


Alby, Aegir, Khiona, Poseidon amd probably somethin red


Good job! Looking at the opponent in my raid history, the last one was indeed Red: Costume Elena. Though I see now that I didn’t snag any counterattack buff from her, so there was no info to work with to get that from the buffs. But good deduction on your part, since I used a 3-stack of Blue. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

Inspired by this :wink: just revenged a 4589-power defense with the dreaded JF/Telly/Vela core, using my mono-Purple 3961 kill squad! Aeron+Rigard to cleanse, Proteus to stall, Seshat and Tibs to kill stuff by hitting really, really hard. I wasn’t expecting much, was getting ready to lose because the defense was VERY heavily emblemed, but… WHOHOO! now I’m in a very good mood!

Your win is still more impressive in my opinion @TGW , as I did have three non-vanilla heroes… but I’m still happy as I wasn’t expecting to win, especially not on the first try :slight_smile:


Just before the final move…



Sweet! Congratulations :+1:

No, my win wasn’t more impressive. I’m finding that mono has about the same chances of working as rainbow does.

Sure, sure, a lot of it comes down to boards (and I actually tend to have better luck on those when I go after stronger opponents).

I just wanted everyone to know that it is still possible to beat strong teams, even without having all the best heroes.

No, not every time. But to quote Tom Petty: “even the losers get lucky sometimes.” :wink:


thank you!

and I agree: sometimes we get lucky. It’s sweeter after coming up upon a revenge opportunity where the opponent has tons of fancy schmancy HOTMs and event heroes with emblems up the wazoo… and you thrash them with modestly-emblemed vanillas!

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Thank you Zephyr for your help. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The problem has finally been solved.

With best regards.


Don’t know whether to brag or complain.

The brag

The complaint

I’m a ftp player with 29 5* including the Elenas


I’d chalk that up to a brag.

Yeah, it’s a dupe, but… most of the costumed heroes are going to be dupes for longtime players. :man_shrugging:

Took on three of the big guys today with Telluria tanks with Vela and Finley. Mitsuko took out Vela and Finley on all three.


Yesterday I took my blue mana troops to level 23 so after almost 3 years of playing I finally have a rainbow set of level 23 mana troops!


This is some hella’ good loot coming from a 7* titan!


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