The Ridiculous Bragging thread

Because it’s ridiculous!!!

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I know the devs are sending much appreciated gifts during the lock-down but have they tweaked the summoning odds too? In the past 20 days I got Sartana and Kadilen from TC 20, only ten Valhalla summons yielded Tyr and Telluria, a single Springvale summon got Sir Roostley and ten Event Summons got Jabberwock and Malsoi along with Cheshire Cat and Captain of Diamonds. In the 18 months playing the game this is the richest yield yet


Hello Rook,

Since yesterday the forum wants me to log in but cant find an account under my e-mail. I have 2 possible mails.

The one I believe I used would be .

The other would be

Do you have an idea where the problem could be or can you bring me into contact with SG support if necdessary.

Luckyly the game still works! :blush:

Thank you very much in advance and with best regards.

Jürg Häberli

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Hi @Elayanith, I’ve had a password reset email sent to your email registered with the Forum.

Unfortunately, I can’t confirm which email address that is, so you’ll need to check each account to find the email.

I’m also going to edit your post to remove your personal contact info.

If you’re still unable to find the password reset email, please contact Support: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

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Hey Zephyr,

Thanks for your answer. I got the mail but my password was still correct. So I did not reset.

The problem is not the password the problem ist that I cant log in because the machine says there is no account connected tot he e-mail and password.

I have no idea how this can happen since I have been in the forum for about 2 years with this e-mail and password.

Please send a short answer and the I will contact support.

Thanks again and with best regards.


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I needed two Mysterious Tonics to ascend Telluria to the top tier so I can implement the start of my new defense. A resigned myself to believing Shrikewood April and Shrikewood July would be the two. Waiting until July…sigh.

But then Path of Valor II renewed my hopes that I could get that other tonic at Milestone 48 and ascend her in May instead of July!

But then I realized the last level of Advanced tier for the Springvale Seasonal Event, in which I am closing in on, has a Tonic meaning I could possibly ascend Telluria after Shrikewood at the end of this month!

But then the Blaze Dragon my alliance just beat had this for me…

…which means I can start ascending Telluria after completing Springvale which will happen before the end of the week day!!

And now I need to go do my happy dance.

giphy (9)



I think I have a decent line up…


Hi @Elayanith, sorry to hear you’re still having trouble logging in.

I’d suggest resetting your password even if you know what it is, to see if that works.

But if you can’t do that, then contacting Support is unfortunately the only other option.

As it’s Easter weekend, it may take a few days to hear back from them.

You can follow the directions to contact them from the game here: How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)

Or here’s the direct link to submit a ticket:

Hope you get back in soon!

I think you have a decent amount of money, too. :wink:

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Fixed that for you. :crazy_face:


This was the worst war chest I ever saw. Thank you SG. @Petri

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A pretty weak brag, really, but I got three silver tokens from the Wonderland event, and pulled two rare heroes on three tries.

Yeah, they’re food, but they give more XP and a better chance for specials to level. Well, Brynhild is already 8/8.


After reading through nerf telli, nerf Malosi , nerf whoever in the last time, this made my day :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I guess I will open one for each S1 hero, add a poll and Ask for nerfing each of those damn overpowered S1 heros!!! (Puh, luckily we’re already in a ridiculous thread…)


With appropriate stacking and a good board, I would have thought it possible, but with a rainbow team of S1s? Congrats, dude. That’s worth a brag.

I love how Boldtusk and Melendor are so timeless. People can make fun of those S1s all they want; those dudes are staples of lots of my teams, including the one that just took down the final stage of Springvale. I was jacked to pull both their costumes for some added oomph.


Thank you!

Yeah that’s the rainbow team I use for most of my raids. Sounds stupid, I know. And I definitely lose a few. To be expected anyway when I’m mostly revenge raiding people above 4k. I don’t even sweat the losses anymore.

The beauty of that ridiculously pathetic rainbow team I’m using is that it actually works even though it shouldn’t. Even when you get a less than stellar board. Basically it breaks down like this:

Wu Kong is Wu Kong. You try to charge him up early if you can, while also simultaneously building up good tile combos to attack the tank and potentially dangerous flankers alongside him/her.

If the tank and flankers start giving you a hard time, throw some mana towards Mel and BT so that they can heal you before you die.

Should Obakan and Richard happen to charge up before they’re dead, even better. Focus both of their specials on the same tank or flank, whichever one you’d like to get rid of first to make your job easier.

Bonus: once Obi puts on his reflect, one of your opponents will probably end up targeting him, killing themselves in the process and leaving you with a nice big hole in the board to ghost your tiles through (to charge up either Wu or your healers, whichever is the priority at the time).

Once Wu is charged, just start flinging massive loads of tiles at the opponent, as many as you can, until one or two more opponents are dead, leaving you more open sections to ghost more tiles through to charge your healers.

Rinse and repeat, taking them down one at a time. Avoid touching the ones who are likely to kill you, until you have enough special skills and tile combos lined up to take them out.

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and a revenge raid no less, that makes it 10000000x sweeter!

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I finally came around to the idea of 3-2 stacking for raiding. Helps that, after giving darts to Vivica, I have a viable healer in all five colors. My quirky habit is always bringing two healers to a raid. I usually prefer a slugfest to a quick win/loss, and my healers help me extend the game.

I do go rainbow pretty often for PvE content, though. My current squad is Melendor +c20, Boldtusk +c20, Domitia +16, Onatel +7, and Vela 4^80. Clocks in at about 4260 TP. I know the presence of Onatel and Vela don’t make this look like a typical F2P roster, but the month of January has been very good to me. Only the very last level of Springvale advanced was a little dicey for this group.

I’ve got to get brave enough to experiment with him. I got him late, and by that time I had Ranvir 2^60, who I was using on my Titan teams before I could go mono, so I only maxed Wu like a month ago. I guess he’ll start getting emblems now that Wilbur is maxed and the rest of my monks are pretty terrible. Everyone talks about him like he’s a god, but I just can’t get past the mental block of one-third of my tiles missing their targets.

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I only do revenge raids. I’m not really a fan of raids in general. Too unpredictable for me. But every couple of days or so, I see people stealing all these cups from me, and it feels like a “bee in my bonnet”. I’m just trying to mind my own business here, killing titans and doing PVE stuff… eventually enough is enough…


Wu Kong is a wild card for sure. Literally a game changer -

  • though sometimes not in the way you were hoping for… :laughing:

He’s a roll of the dice. Used to use him for titans… 2/3 of the time he’ll give you a better score than you would have gotten otherwise. The other 1/3 of the time… LOL oops, that sucked. :man_shrugging:

As I was actually fortunate enough to pull Miki, I use him for most titans now. Bonus damage without the risk. But Miki’s special only works when your opponents have more HP than you. Which is great for titans because they pretty much always have more HP than you, right? :grin: But maybe not so much effective for raids and other assorted game content.

So I still usually carry the crazy monkey along with me. He’s unpredictable as heck… misses a lot of attacks, oftentimes dies before I even get to use him… but when he does manage to land some decent hits? Wow. Just… wow…

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Not worth it for the raid chest once or twice a day? It is for me, although I kinda hate raids, too. I use a ton of food re-rolling to get raids I’m pretty sure I can win. Don’t have the patience to wait for hours to rebuild my raid energy.

Yeah, I’ve been on the receiving end of those. When I see Wu, I try to make sure to take at least two dispellers, and I have taken as many as four. Helps that Domitia dispels. Makes it tough in late war teams, though.


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