The Ridiculous Bragging thread


Today’s brag - scored 3 compasses this morning out of war loot, war chest and Atlantis! All before 9 am :laughing:

Sadly, it seems I’m finding all the compasses lost by those lovely Atlantis heroes, as none of the ones I want are finding their way to me :disappointed_relieved:

Oh yeah, and snagged some other pretty little baubles from my Atlantis chest as well! Was so surprised by the rings I forgot to screenshot the compass I got next. Lol


First time posting here. Had to create an account just so I could brag a little. Used my 200 Atlantis coins to summon this morning. First pull was a Thoth - Amun. Second was a Proteus with an Onatel bonus pull! Then I went to skip my monster chest as I normally do and it was a Holy chest waiting for me in all its glory! What a morning! I’m sure I just used all of my luck for the remainder of the year lol


I’m thrilled this is what got you over the edge to create an account and make your first post! :smile:

And congrats on your excellent lucky morning!


Quick! Buy a lottery ticket! :laughing:

Congratulations. That’s really awesome!


My first brag here…Out of 4 (single) Atlantis pulls today I got Agwe AND Wilbur!!


In honor of the founding of this thread:

Also today:


Dammmmit mate … so you have survived @discobot 's wonderful companian lmao


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@RandaPandah You’ve made every thing I made in 2 years but in 1/4 the time I had to take. Even more better cause you are in Beta and I am not!
Your progress is massive and I am glad that you are here for us. I am here for long time but I must say that I learned so much from you. (Thank you)

I will brage that I consider my self a friend of yours.


Meh, my attempts to get @discobot to say something amusing seemed to have failed.


@Jedon, you are one of my favorite people here on this forum; always bringing positivity and the voice of reason with you :blush:

You are so kind, and I find that absolutely amazing. Just one act of kindness can make all of the difference, especially on those bad days. You’ve done very well [for yourself] too, my friend (I might as well brag that we’re friends here also :wink:), especially as f2p. It’s very impressive; I don’t even know if I could do it. I mean, that raid win streak of yours is insane!

I’m glad that I’ve helped you, because you’ve helped me a lot too. Always puts a smile on my face reading your posts, and for that, I can’t thank you enough :grin:

Keep being awesome, friend :kissing_heart:

PS: I’ll keep being here for you, as long as you keep being there for me too, deal? :wink: Hehe


Oooh and I almost forgot, my ridiculous brag of the day (already posted this elsewhere, but whatevs, I think it’s awesome :wink:)

On my last free 100 Atlantis Coin pull:



Congratulations … great pull

My ridiculous brage is … on my first and last pull of Atlantis for this month I got our all beloved (:sob:) hero


Guy in my alliance did a 10 pull got kage.
Then did a 30 pull got Delilah inari tarlak and onatel with 10 4* hero’s. Tried to post the video but it’s not letting me


Upload the video on youtube channel then post the link over here.


May I ridiculously brag, too?

I have won the last 11 wars all by myself!
(Don’t ask what :star: titans I’m fighting, though.)


My ridiculous bragging for today is celebrating the big “Four-Oh” :smile:

Players leveled in low 70s? When was E&P released?

Congratulations! That’s a big milestone! Or so I hear…


Thanks! I think it’s mostly convenient that my WE max is divisible by 3 again…


At this point, it would be super nice to be divisible by both 3 and 8. 48 sounds like a nice number, right?

Coincidentally, a full night’s sleep.