The Ridiculous Bragging thread


Started my almost 250 days ago. About half my alliance has been with us for over 230 days, and a bulk of the rest over 150. I don’t know about normal retention rates but that seems good to me!

And BOOM, I have now had three people join seeking me out with no recruiting needed. I LOVE that. Biggest and Best thing ever in the game!

Oh yeah…Sonya.


I’ve been playing for about six months (started around the beginning of August), and I feel I have quite a bit to brag about, but I’ll try to list all of these as modestly as I can :wink: (Not)

  • I’ve been able to complete everything in game without maxed heroes (including that difficult Santa’s Challenge, and the two class quest so far)
  • I’ve been able to excel in titans and wars, even while being one of the weakest members
  • I’ve obtained a lot of my dream heroes (Hel x2, Zeline x2, Athena) :heart_eyes:
  • The second Atlantis portal, I hit the jackpot pulling Alberich, Ares and Tarlak :grin:
  • Pulled Mother North on my third ten pull in the seasonal summons :star_struck:
  • Have every single season one and two 4* hero; only missing Jackal, Jack O’Hare, Gafar and Jabbar to complete my 4* roster
  • Have managed to obtain every single HOTM that’s been released or rereleased since joining except for Perseus and Musashi
  • Have aqcuired enough mats to fully max 7 5* currently (will be 9 soon) and 25-30 4*
  • Found an alliance that fits perfectly, and watched (and helped) the alliance itself [and the people in it] grow from a casual alliance fighting 7* titans, to an active, strong and passionate alliance fighting up to 11* titans
  • Made regular on this forum within a month of joining
  • Was invited into APL by SG after a month on the forum and four months with the game (thank you)
  • Was accepted into Beta by SG after two months on the forum and five months with the game (thank you, again)
  • Read as many posts as I could, in order to be up to date with everything in game, and to make sure I’m able to understand everything to best contribute to all of the different discussions
  • I’ve done my best to assist as many people [on the forum and in my alliance] as I can, while trying to include as many details, [words :wink:], and specifics I can think of that might help. This includes leveling strategies, team composition and placement, war and event strategies, etc.
  • I’ve taught my members in my alliance, and some people on this forum, basically everything that I’ve learned along the way. Examples include: where to farm, titan loot tiers, bonus draws, how synergy works, increasing tile damage, etc.
  • One of my favorites: All of the relationships I’ve made with the people here on the forum, or in my alliance, and the awesome discussions/debates we’ve had together :blush:

I’ve been fairly lucky so far, and have been given a lot from this entire gaming experience. I only hope that, with all that I’ve learned through game-play and this forum, I’ve been able to give back some of that too. I try, but lately I haven’t been super active here, and for that I am sorry. I hope to continue contributing to the discussions here, as I’ve enjoyed it all immensely. That- while also helping to make this game, and everyone’s experience with it, that much better. Thanks for being so awesome everyone; it’s always a pleasure discussing E&P stuff here :blush:


That’s a lot worth celebrating!

And I enjoy that your post is very you, complete with bullets, many details [words], and brackets. :smile:


I remembered to hit the Titan today! (Some days, that’s what I get to be proud of!)

Ridiculous bragging = look at all the ascension items I have!

Ridiculous crying = game gods, give me the right hero to match the mats! :grin:

Now off to spend some of my Raid flasks…


My ridiculous brag of the day: taking Sabina into her final ascension on her way to maxed.

Her sisters are a little jealous, but the one at 3-60 will get to come along to the Trials of Mysticism, and maybe Shadows.



My brag for the day: I started training my first TC20 3*!! Just have to let them incubate for 2 days

Edit: now the brag is truly ridiculous because I pulled Bane lol


Me too! ready for my Renfeld, gunnar or dawa to drop in just under 2 days! But, I’m like 5% hopeful that i can come and ridiculously brag I got a 5* in my very first training!


Congrats, @Tamsin and @Starryeyedgryph, that’s a major milestone!

Good luck on your first trainings, and remember:

Dawa is quite delicious with a side of ham.

The Ridiculous Complaints thread

Thanks!!! And yeah, my Onatel is hungry for yellows. And my poor baby Wu wants Onatel to 3/70 asap because he’s hungry!!!
I also have Jackal at 4/55 and here I am asking for another yellow. I must be nuts!
A brag about all those yellows, throw in my maxed Chao, is that purple titans shiver in my presence!


Oops, edit. My Jackal is at 4/55!


Even better! :yum:

20 human sacrifices


She would be my 4th best Rogue. The thought of feeding Dawa with actual heros and ham is physically painful. On the bragging side: Ares is cruising up to his third ascension now, and I’ve got the AM to take him all the way. Hello new main tank. Buddy: it’s been fun.


Yeah, cause why leave a hero at 3/55 when those extra 5 levels to 3/60 aren’t hard!


This post is all about Nature. Sonya, keep away, it’s dangerous for you over here.

This morning, I was looking at my loot from my last Elemental Chest 11 days ago, and noting that my chest before that was 11 days prior…so I was thinking:

Hey, I’m probably about due for an Elemental Chest…

…and then BOOM. Moments later, a Nature Chest Spawned.

And to go with the Nature theme, today’s leveling progress included finishing off LJ:


My brag for today is about my great alliance — we used every last War flag, woohoo!

@Lumpson @Crabby @ProfLoki @Killian


That is definitely brag-worthy! Congrats! :clap:

(Also, I am terribly jealous!!!)


Thanks! I’m quite proud of our teamwork. :smile:


Where is your complain??? :joy::joy::joy:


You’ve stumbled into the Ridiculous Bragging thread, Sorscha. Complaints would be off-topic! :wink:

Have some more :coffee:


Yeah. Was too early for me lol