The Ridiculous Bragging thread


:heart: That’s a great thing to celebrate!

I agree, the forum community, my alliance, and the occasional times I have to keep up with Line chat groups are what really make this for me. I love the game, but I wouldn’t be anywhere near as committed without the community.

Thanks for being part of it! :smile:


Due to some inspiring players that are on here and the great info that is available here. … Beating the Challeging Class quest today with a team that I thought had no chance at all.


@Esbam That’s an exciting accomplishment, and a nice nod to the forum’s usefulness. :slight_smile:

Congrats on surprising yourself and beating it! :crossed_swords::cake:


It’s nice having this thread… As prone as I am to get sucked into the negativity that can exist, it’s great having something to help us remember the fun and why we play in the first place. Thanks to the OP for starting this. There is truly more good info in this forum than garbage. Again thanks to contributers and inspiring players.


yeah. just like what @jedon said for the time being for me is that which I find pleasant. summons, AW, raids, hero roster, my alliance seems to have nothing to impress me. I’m glad to find new friends in this forum, especially @Jedon @Boolz @Rigs @zephyr1 @Garanwyn and others


Right back at ya bud :grinning:


You’re all going to make me run out of :heart: again!


We need the rest of the club here don’t you think? :thinking:
@Razor @Kerridoc @Starryeyedgryph @Elpis @RandaPandah @MrsBCW @LadySuzanne @Brobb @Sorsha @Boolz guys I am sure you have some thing ridiculous to brag on.


Yes, thanks for tagging, @Jedon! I tried to tag more people earlier, but the forum limited me to 10. Add it to the list of stingy forum drop rates that @Garanwyn has taken note of.


Currently not :sob:
Lost war in both alliances, let go last Titan…but I am sure better times will come soon :smiley:


My first Titan hit of over 50,000. 51,566 to be precise. If I wasn’t already sitting down, I’d have fallen over. Next goal… 100,000


Awesome, congrats! You might want a goal in between 50k and 100k, though…it’s a big jump. :wink:


True. Very true, but like my snowboarding addiction… I figure go bigor go home lol…


Well I look forward to your post here when you hit 100k!


You betcha. I will definitely add it.

And well, I do know there is lots of peoples posts that I’ve read to help get me here… There’s too many to name but I do want to thank specifically @FishDreams and @RandaPandah for the direct advice in helping me with getting a solid foundation laid with what I was working with and @Jedon for his inspirational posts especially being F2P and his accomplishments.

Again I know there’s many more and I thank you all.


Great to see you’ve been making helpful connections with the forum community, and have accomplishments to share to their credit. :smiley:


I suppose this will fit here @Jedon…and/or I could always copy it to a, “Unfair Pulls” thread :grin::wink::smiling_imp:.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo, however I did one (yes, 1…uno) Epic Hero pull today and got the usual 3* Carver…plus Onatel!! And here I thought I had all the yellows I needed lol


Congrats! And there’s literally no such thing as enough yellows. It’s like “extra money”–it just doesn’t exist.


Also, @Jedon thank you for tagging me!! I’ve been finding it hard to find more posts like RCT! Now I can wile away my time between that one and this one :grin::grin:


All I need now is Inari and Delilah and I’ll have all the 5* yellows :grin: