The Ridiculous Bragging thread


Bragging has never been my thing, but I went against a team today that must have been so familiar with my dominant reputation that Chao didn’t even bother showing up…


I did legit ask in alliance chat if anyone knew why that titan’s mother had let him out on his own. :smiling_imp: To paraphrase Ash from Army of Darkness: good, bad, I’m the guy with the tiles.


Pretty sure i wouldnt show up for tank position either lol that’s basically signing up to be the tackling dummy


We shall call you Garanwyn, Slayer of Baby Titans.


Despite the odd bug, that’s pretty awesome.

And hey, you managed to get Sonya in your post too — bonus points for you. :wink:


That’s how you know Thorne is a genuine hero. Despite his advanced age and mediocre damage output, he still willingly shows up for work and takes on the tank job, 24 raids a day, 7 days a week (sleep schedule permitting).


Thinkin about changin my name to ThreadKiller


My Boom moment was last Atlantis. Having saved for an 8400 gem 30 pull I was anxious for what I might get: BOOM
Evelyn bonus!
5-5*'s…not to mention a bunch of 4*'s…triton, 2 sumitomos, Gadeirus, etc. Best pull ever!


I have a virtual jar like a swear jar I have to donate to whenever I mention my beautiful Athena. I remember it vividly… dream sequence fade out

Laying in bed after doing several pitiful Atlantis pulls on Oct. 17, 2018, I thought to myself “what the hell” and did one last pull. BOOM Athena! All by herself in her celestial glory. She was the only 5* i wanted in that summon, and she was my first ever after about 1 month playing.

I’ll also brag that tomorrow I’ll be done researching TC20 :hugs: and I cant wait to see what that holds.

I’m linking several threads I think have some nice things posted. Some are also half complaints, or stated as complaints and turned into positive reassurance.

Oh and they all happen to be ones I’ve bragged in already :joy:


Wow, that’s quite the summons, congrats!

Will the Kages be forming a band? They could open for the All Grimm Death Metal Band.


Congrats on Athena, and your tc20 research finishing tomorrow!

Love this. But it makes me miss @JonahTheBard. He would have appreciated it. :cry:

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Been running TC20 for about 6-7 months now. At first I was getting a 5* a month. Last three months nothing, maybe a couple 4*. Then just after New Years BOOM, Elena. A few days later BOOM Marjana. Just last week BOOM Isarnia.

3 5* within two weeks. Now if I just had some fine gloves for them to wear …


Congrats, certainly makes up for the dry spell!

Some gloves would be useful…but what about some pants?


What happened to @JonahTheBard?


He took a break from the game and social media.


Considering who I pulled maybe I should be looking for skirts :rofl:


Aw. I’ll miss him too. He’s making a good decision for his real life, though and I can respect that.


Elena and Mariana seem to like their pants. Isarnia is oddly outfitted for cold environments though lol. :thinking:



20 :heart: but I’m out of them again


Best wow thing for me was on 18th Dec 2018 … when I became Regular on this forum. Best positive thing in the game isn’t the summons, raid wins (257 in row here) or super AW acting. Its all about making/having friends and I have great group of friends most respected and well known in the community of E&P fans/staff/Mods.
Great moments to see that Petri or Sara are liking you posts and responding to your calls, well who said you must be Will Smith to join the club. You just need to be respectful and “every thing is gonna be alright” (:heart: Bob Marley)