The Ridiculous Bragging thread


Dayum Boolz
You are a M.V lord !


My second account is going to open a special box…

Yes, the beautiful, famed Purple chest. Shame it’s so rare.


@Jedon @Ichigo

Show me your rewards


60,082 Titan hit. In a state of shock.


Woohoo, congrats!! :dragon_face::skull_and_crossbones:


So super cool!!!


I have better luck, I pull Oberon :sunglasses:


One 10x pull


Got her and Kunchen on a 10x roll! :grin:


10x roll: Kunchen and two Cats. Fun!


likewise :slight_smile:


I feel way better about spending 50 bucks for what amounts to one guy im gonna use. No wonderlanders either. Thanks for the pick me up brutha!


I have to brag on my Alliance today.

It was such a close war. We tied for our record participation (12 flags unused) and we were behind when i went to bed by about 300 points. My alliance mates never give up until the timer hits 0.



Joined the 6 figure club. image


Gratz to every one who won some thing.
I want to brage that I know (Finally) some one on top100 the event.

Well done @Rigs


Thanks man, really appreciate the shoutout. But it’s very shortlived, that rank is already dropping. And after 50 dollars spent on 1 event already, i wont be touchin it again or any other event. It’ll be back to completion. Cheaper to just buy the mats when SG offers them directly


I want to brage that I finished the epic challenge and got ETT then

This happen!


Hmmmmm … it seems like I can already make a purple monochrome team
@Jedon @Boolz


I hate u n jelly to u :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: @Starryeyedgryph
Arghhhh… :rage::rage:


My last HotM was Aegir … and you know hahaha lol.
Kitchen is a good hero :stuck_out_tongue: