The Ridiculous Bragging thread


I reached diamond level today with exactly 2400 cups. That lasted until the very next raid (lost then won net negative cups) but hey, something!

I expect to be back around my usual 2000 or so when I next log in.


I want to brag that I love and adorve field aid in AW.

Was funny to watch them trying hard to clear me wasting 9 flags lol


Looks like it won you the War!


It helpes with the great lead of AW by our beloved leader and the field lords.


The incredible sustaining medics. :rofl:


Finally, after plummeting to the 900s, I managed to win some of my raids !

Admittedly, these aren’t the best teams in the world (Sabina as tank?), and I did lose some battles after that (I’m raising a Tyrum mainly so I can deal with Boril and/or Cyprian), but going back to Gold feels great.
P.S.: Kiril is best girl.


I would like to brage that my defense team has done a great job

:joy: :laughing: :joy:


You’re so silly Jedon. You put that up so you could drop cups. Right?


I set that up to drop fast from diamond to silver where I but I liked the formation so I keept it same since then.
I love you too Gryph lol


Why you drop your cup? :roll_eyes:


Easier hero chest ope


but what I know is that if we ever open a chest in a diamond and then below the diamond the loot is not good


In raid chest loot is bad almost always soo for me it doesn’t matter “where” you open your chest


have felt the best loot on the diamond I got the royal tabard, epic troop 2 times. but to be honest I feel loot in diamonds is better than platinum or silver


we just discussed it hahahaha … @Radar1
@Boolz I got it again :grin:


Ichigo I got Poison darts from Silver chest … it has nothing with arena ranks.


@Jedon me too from mv :wink:
@Ichigo my response for your troop tokens :smile:

Mystic Vision - don’t stop believing


@Jedon @Ichigo now im just being mean


@Boolz Your luck is in the MV :smirk::smirk:


I agree with you… I am a free to play player but i have few of a good heroes in my roaster… I been playing for about almost 3 months… LUCK will came along to those with patience…